Comic Vine Review


Huntress #3 - Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Three


Helena begins to dig deeper into the trafficking of young girls, and what she finds may be more than she can handle...

The Good

Maybe it's just me, but as each issue progresses I feel like Paul Levitz has more and more of a handle of who Helena is as a character. What we get is a book that re-introduces Helena as a strong, independent character that can handle herself -- and this is the Huntress that I have been waiting to see. She is quick on her feet, witty and can handle herself, but in this issue we witness her first ever real "close call" towards the end of the book.

The story is just beginning to get very interesting and a little bit more complicated. We discover that Moretti isn't working alone and that he has some help from a man named Chairman Hassan, a political leader from "Kufra," a region in north Africa. Helena discovers that Hassan had been supplying Moretti with young daughter's of the region's dissident's. The question remains, how deep do the ties between Moretti and Hassan really run? Huntress has a whole lot to deal with, and she may be in over her head. Whatever happens, it's certainly a very interesting story.

The Bad

One problem I have noticed through the last 3 issues are the sometimes obvious details that are overlooked by the characters. For example, there is a scene where the head mobster, Moretti, docks his yacht and several police vehicles park near the dock. It's hard to believe that the police wouldn't disguise their vehicles prior to meeting with a mob boss.

It's also a little bit hard to believe that three issues in and Alessandro (the Italian journalist) doesn't suspect that Helena is the Huntress even though she has called him to obtain and exchange information regarding Moretti and trafficking. Why doesn't he suspect anything? Why hasn't he questioned her interest in the trafficking? He sees she is clearly endangering herself to a certain extent. It just seems rather strange.

The Verdict

Marcus To should always draw the Huntress. If this issue is anything, it's gorgeous. The Huntress is beautiful, smart, clever, witty, strong and sexy -- Marcus To captures each and every one of these qualities through his stunning pencils. The inks are very fine and the colors are vibrant which compliment his pencils perfectly. The third issue of the story is a little bit disorganized. The story definitely jumps around a little bit between locations, and it would have been good to have a guide of some kind to distinguish between the different locations. Overall, though, it's great to see the Huntress represented as such an interesting and independent female character. She has a big problem on her hands, but she seems to (so far) be handling it fairly well.