Comic Vine Review


Huntress #2 - Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Two


Still in Naples, the Huntress is on the move; chasing after a man named Moretti who has been on trafficking young women into Italy and selling them to the highest bidder. But is Helena in over her head?

The Good

Helena in her very own solo series is a brilliant idea. Whoever decided that the character should have her very own solo title (even if it is only a six-issue miniseries) knew what they were doing. The first issue of this series was absolutely fantastic, and the second is almost as good.

No one draws Helena quite like Marcus To. I love that he draws Helena with realistic proportions, rather than making her this dainty, frail character. To's version of her character compliments her "hard as nails" personality perfectly.

Being this far away from home, Helena has to use her wits to ensure that she can adequately stop the human trafficking that Moretti and his men are funneling out of Naples. The book opens with a scene demonstrating exactly that. After breaking into the police department, Helena hacks the computer to obtain some top secret information. But where does it lead? She's definitely working between the law and the crime, making her own rules as she goes along and it's fantastic. Writer Paul Levitz is definitely crafting a very interesting and entertaining story for Huntress, showing that she doesn't have to play second fiddle on a team book and that her character is interesting enough to carry her own miniseries. To be honest, I'm more impressed with what I have seen in this title than in many other "New 52" books for several reasons. First, Levitz's story isn't just action packed Helena Bertinelli kicking all kinds of ass; it's also about Helena playing detective. She is anything but dumb. She's smart, quick on her feet and sassy; and that's a side of her character we haven't seen in a very long time.

I know I mentioned this in the review of the first issue; but I really do like that the subject of her search is to stop human trafficking. I think that Levitz has the opportunity to explore the subject and bring awareness to the issue, and I think it's fantastic. So far, he's been doing a really great job.

The Bad

One problem I have with this book is that for investigative reporters, it's hard to believe that Christina and Alessandro haven't guessed that Helena is The Huntress. If they have, why haven't they said anything? She is making it somewhat obvious. Why would this random woman from Gotham City go out of her way to obtain information about Moretti's trafficking of so many young girls? Not exactly the kind of thing that would be on every tourist's agenda.

The Verdict

This book, two issues in, still makes me wish it was being turned into an ongoing series. Between the great characterization of Helena by Levitz and the breathtaking art by Marcus To, this is definitely a great example of how to write DC women right. It's action packed, beautiful, and it deals with a very tough issue. I'm enjoying every moment of this fun read, and definitely recommend it. If you're looking for a fast miniseries you can easily dive into, this is a good one to try.