Comic Vine Review


Hunger #1


Looks like Galactus is coming for dinner. What's on the menu? EVERYTHING! This is going to be nuts so you won't want to miss this.

The Good

A comic featuring Galactus. That's really all you need to know to want this. Oh yeah, Joshua Hale Fialkov is writing the story so you know we're going to get some edge-of-your-seat action.

Besides Galactus being hungry, what is this comic about?

Set in the Ultimate Universe, some readers may still recall the version of Galactus that exists there. Gah Lak Tus wasn't well received by many. Thankfully we will now have the proper Galactus appear there to cause havoc.

How did this happen?

If you read AGE OF ULTRON or at least heard about the ending, you know things are a little fuzzy between universes now. That's what we're going to see Fialkov deal with when the big guy (Galactus) shows up. Before we get to the heart of the action, we see the return of Rick Jones, Protector of the Universe. Throw in the Ultimate version of the Watcher along with a couple of warring alien races, there's a lot of craziness going on.

As if Galactus and Fialkov weren't enough, wait until you see Leonard Kirk's art. It's some really nice stuff.

It's not a spoiler but it's a very epic moment when Galactus first shows up.

The Bad

Let's be honest, there's not as much Galactus here as I would have hoped. Granted it's the first issue. Things need to be set up and established. No offense to Rick Jones but I'm ready for the Galactus action.

It's not clear exactly when this story will take place since time in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN has jump ahead of the other books a bit. There's no sign of any other characters despite the massively powerful Rick Jones arriving on Earth momentarily. Perhaps he wasn't there long enough for anyone to detect or confront him.

The Verdict

If you're a Galactus fan and were not too thrilled with the Gah Lak Tus version we saw before in the Ultimate Universe, this is the series for you. Fialkov has been warming up in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES but he's about unleash some epic craziness upon the Ultimate Universe. This is just the beginning but you'll get chills when you see the way Fialkov writes Galactus' entrance. Leonard Kirk's art fits perfectly and you can't help but become even more excited for what's coming up. The Ultimate Universe better hold onto their hats because Galactus is coming and things won't be the same.