Comic Vine Review


Indestructible Hulk #10 - Blind Rage: Part Two


Hulk and Daredevil attempt to take down a heavily armed Baron Zemo!

The Good

A team-up between Hulk and Daredevil under Mark Waid is simply too awesome to confine to one issue and, luckily for us, we're treated to a second part of this hilarious and epic alliance. While it's not as funny as issue #9, it's still a ridiculously enthralling chapter.

Waid's writing is as sharp as ever, but I have to praise the visuals by Matteo Scalera and Val Staples. This is a truly stellar looking book. While the characters and environments all impress, it's the massive effects generated by all of the madness which really drops my jaw. Just like the last issue, seeing these high tech weapons put to use is amazingly cinematic and produces some extraordinarily great panels. There's a brilliant sense of motion behind every attack and reaction and the result is astonishingly frenetic. All in all, it's artwork that is definitely worthy of Waid's script.

And speaking of Waid's writing, he continues to prove INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK is one of the most gripping and exciting books Marvel has to offer. The issue's pacing doesn't slow down for a single moment, thoroughly entertaining through sharp dialogue or an incredibly fun and engrossing course of events. Not a single paged is wasted in this issue and the end result is a beyond pleasant reading experience.

The Bad

If I had to have one small gripe, it's that Baron Zemo's appearance was relatively short. Aside from that, I have no major complaints about this issue.

The Verdict

The math is simple, folks. Waid + Scalera/Staples + Hulk/Daredevil = an issue you should be reading right now. Seriously, stop reading this review and go buy this issue. It's quite possibly the most fun you'll have with a comic all week and it's backed up by some absolutely wonderful and remarkable art. You've earned a good time, so go reward yourself and check out this book.