Comic Vine Review


Hexed #1 - Chapter 1: The Empty Garden "Wherein Lucifer Saves A Dead Man and Loses A Live One."


Art thievery with a side of soul-stealing.

The Good

Fans of the 2008 series will be delighted to know that HEXED is back, and though the previous collection's series artist Emma Rios isn't returning on pencils, she joined the team for a gorgeous (and creepy!) cover. Taking over interiors on the all-new HEXED is Dan Mora, who -- like Rios -- is dynamite at taking things from ordinary to supernatural.

HEXED is part action-adventure and part wild metaphysical tale -- I've heard Lucifer described as "Lara Croft meets Buffy," and that sounds about right. She's definitely an interesting character, and she doesn't appear to be running out of life-or-death-or-beyond-death challenges anytime soon.

I'm really enjoying the narrative flow -- a lot happened in this issue, from art theft to soul-stealing to fang worms emerging from a sort of mystical Poké Ball -- and there really aren't any lulls. There's just enough urgency to keep things interesting, and the next issue is neatly teed up with the promise of The Shade.

The Bad

There's a risk in launching a new #1 of a series that existed before (regardless of whether it's a hard reboot), inasmuch as readers can be left wondering if they'll be given enough detail to understand the story or if earlier volumes are required reading. While I enjoy stories that begin in media res and appreciate HEXED for not jumping straight into origin-story territory, I can't help but wonder if I'm meant to be more acclimated to Lucifer's personality and exploits, or know who Cymbaline and the rest are already. Most of all, I feel as though I'm supposed to already know what the titular hex is -- and all I've sorted out so far is that it's some sort of situation between Lucifer and The Harlot.

The color palette isn't really working for me. (Full disclosure: I've got a bit of color deficiency, so it might just look strange to my eyes -- correct me in the comments if I'm off base?)

The Verdict

HEXED returns, blending adventure and supernatural horror in one of Boom! Studios' more mature offerings. New series penciller Dan Mora brings Michael Alan Nelson's creation to life (and death) with vivid, unique illustrations, and the team hits the ground running with an issue that definitely prompts a "What's next?"