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Hellboy: The Fury #2


Hell hath no women like a woman scorned...Especially when her name is the 'Queen of Blood.' Will Hellboy survive the wrath of this terrible woman?

Hellboy once again picks up where we last saw him and this time it seems he may be taking on far too much than he can handle.

The Good

Hellboy's character is a lot of different things. He's intelligent, he is big and red and he's never scared of a fight no matter how big his opponent. This time, however, Hellboy must face off against one of his most powerful opponents. In the second of this three issue mini series Hellboy continues to duke it out against the Queen of Blood. However this Queen is not alone. As you can see, the Queen of Blood isn't really joking around when she says she wants to destroy Hellboy.

"What kind of army does she have? War rides ahead, just behind it follow pestilence and famine, and close behind them, death."

Mignola has definitely created a formidable adversary for Hellboy, one that will make the reader actually question whether or not he will manage to escape the fight in one piece. The issue is very interesting. I absolutely love how Mignola continues to integrate aspects of Arthurian legend into the plot of this three issue mini series. It's really very organized and well done. The art by Duncan Fegredo is absolutely breathtaking. If you notice, in the action sequences where Hellboy fights the Queen of Blood the background behind these action scenes shift and the colors shift to coincide with the Queen of Blood's shapeshifting.

The Bad

It's not an easy book to understand for a first time Hellboy reader and I would not recommend it as a single issue. I think it's essential to have read the previous issue (issue #1) in order to understand what is going on in this story arc.

The Verdict

Once again one of my favorite comic books. It isn't often where I find that I don't enjoy Hellboy. I absolutely love the way Mignola incorporates legends and mythos from different cultures into his modern storytelling. The art for this series is absolutely breathtaking. This series is definitely one Hellboy fans won't want to pass up.

Quote of the issue:

Queen of blood- "Well, shall I kill you now or will you see through to the end?"

Hellboy- "Screw you."