Comic Vine Review


Hawkeye #8 - My Bad Penny


Cherry returns and convinces Hawkeye to help her out against the brotastic tracksuit bros.

The Good

This issue almost made me tear up. No, not a BATMAN INC #8 kind of crying -- more like laughing-so-hard-until-my-face-hurts kind of crying. Matt Fraction is doing a ridiculously amazing job with this one and it continues to get better and better. Clint's word slip-ups, Kate and the cop's reaction... it's all priceless stuff that's sure to make you laugh out loud ("Are you Iron Fist?!"). I'm sure some of you out there won't connect with the humor, but I am confident a vast majority of you will. I had a blast reading this and I'm sure most of you will, too.

David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth's art is sure to be hit or miss for you. I absolutely adore it, though. It's an impressively unique and vivid style that works exceptionally well and, to top it off, the panels are always presented in a creative manner. In this issue, Annie Wu also provides some pages. The style is quite different but still solid and by no means hinders the visual quality of this one. Not to mention their inclusion just further supports how creative this book really is.

Remember that time Kate and Clint made off with The Kingpin and some other villains' money? Well, they're back again and this time they're taking huge steps forward to deal with their problem. Hawkguy is in a lot of trouble and I'm thrilled to see what Fraction has in store for us. A clown-themed sniper? Yes, please.

The Bad

I could have sworn Hawkeye was in a more serious relationship with Spider-Woman in other titles, but I can easily overlook that considering how terrific everything else is.

The Verdict

I know there's a mountain of hype behind this series, but trust me, it's totally warranted. This is a wondrous series and you should rush to pick up every new issue. Fraction is doing a remarkable job with the script and the book is consistently sporting a pleasantly unique and creative look. It's an overdose of fun... and you do like fun things, don't you?

If I could, I'd give this issue 6/5 bros. But I can't, so I'll just have to settle for 5/5 bros.