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Hawkeye #6 - Six Days in the Life Of


It's time for some holiday cheer but with the way Hawkeye's luck been lately, he'll be lucky if he survives.

The Good

Once in a while you come across a comic issue that you can't wait to read again. HAWKEYE #6 is one of those issues. There are different sorts of comics that are worthy of immediately being read over again. Sometimes they're big on action and other times they have crazy unbelievable events. This issue is pure fun and excitement.

David Aja returns to join Matt Fraction in an issue taking place during the holiday season. Fraction takes the likable character of Hawkeye and makes you like him even more. The way Clint is depicted here is not the same as how we see him in other Avengers series. He doesn't have superpowers and we get to see what life is like outside of the Avengers. You would think that when he fights along side heroes like Thor or Iron Man you would get a sense of how human he is but it's this series were the little details can play a bigger role over any guest appearances by other characters.

What sets this issue apart from the others is it's more of a day-in-the-life look at Clint's activities only taking place over six days. Don't get the wrong idea. While we do see Clint dealing with some things in his living room, there is plenty of action with the Avengers and...others we get to see. What makes this series stand out is the dialogue and humor Fraction excels at. He manages to sprinkle in tiny subtle bits of humor that will make you crack up. We get some almost absurd moments that fits in perfectly with who Clint is and should be.

David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth bring it all to life. Whether it's Hawkeye fighting agents of AIM or having a rooftop barbecue with his neighbors, the art, layouts and colors truly enhances the little corner of the Marvel Universe Fraction has created.

Fraction also chooses an interesting way in telling the story over the six days. That alone should give you another reason to re-read the issue almost like if you've watched the movie Memento more than once. Fraction doesn't tell the story in that fashion but he chooses to avoid a strictly linear way to tell it.

The Bad

This issue was just pure fun. Nothing to complain about.

The Verdict

HAWKEYE has quickly become one of my top favorite series. Matt Fraction and David Aja deliver a comic about an Avenger that clearly stands apart from the numerous Avengers-related series. Fraction can take simple ideas, mix them into Hawkeye's world and make it a hilarious treat. David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth do their part to make the issue a feast for your eyes. This isn't the typical Marvel superhero/Avengers comic. That's a great thing. It's a combination of humor, action, suspense and pure entertainment that makes me look forward to each and every issue.