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Hawkeye #3 - Cherry Review


Hawkguy is in more trouble, bro!

The Good 

Clint Barton's latest run is simply phenomenal.  Matt Fraction's writing is beyond top-notch and David Aja's pencils & Matt Hollingsworth's colors provide the perfect look for Hawkeye's hilarious and dirty street level world.
You need to see a doctor ASAP if you don't have a smirk plastered across your face while reading this issue.  The Clint and Kate dynamic continues to tip-toe an awkwardly hysterical line ("back in a sex") and the dialogue when she picks him up in the car is sure to give you a solid laugh.  Even something as mundane as purchasing tape proves to be an amusing experience thanks to the extremely sharp writing.  Then there's the trick arrows.  It's no secret the classic era has made some really silly ones and Fraction has no hesitation having fun with the assortment of equipment at Clint's disposal. 
While the bro usage is excessive, it's still every bit as comical as the first issue, especially while surrounded by such a stereotypical and strong accent ("Beeg mistake, bro.").  If you ask me, that's a remarkable feat.  Something used that much should be obnoxiously repetitive, but Fraction manages to dodge that bullet and make me love the word every time it's used.  
If I could only use one word to describe this series, it would be "enthralling."  Go read it.  Because boomerangs.  Oh, and I better see an overwhelming demand for G-Man to include "best use of a censor" in this week's "The Best Stuff in Comics!"

The Bad 

No major complaints to be had, bro. 

The Verdict 

HAWKEYE has officially cemented itself as Marvel's must read book for me.  It's beautiful, hilarious and captivating.  Matt Fraction has struck gold with Clint Barton and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for the Avenger.