Comic Vine Review


Hawkeye #15 - Fun and Games


Hawkeye is back and gets caught by the Bros with his pants down. Literally.

The Good

Clint is back and the hilarity ensues. There is something so charming about seeing Clint in action. From the beginning interactions with Ivan the Landlord, Clint's made a new set of enemies. Who else besides Matt Fraction could deliver a scene with Hawkeye in his civilian guise, with his pants down. Hawkeye has always been a great character but Fraction has added a different level to his humanity.

David Aja's art is a welcome sight as well. Combined with Matt Hollingsworth's colors, you can easily find yourself sucked into the story. There's so much to see with tons of subtle details that really makes this comic a joy to read. His interaction with his brother or former girlfriends adds to the fun.

I simply love how down to earth this series is. We've seen Hawkeye go up against the likes of Ultron or Kang the Conqueror. Who would've thought the continued escalation between him and the Tracksuit Mafia could be so incredibly compelling?

And wait until you see the ending. Do everyone a favor and do not spoil it.

The Bad

No complaints here. I'm sure some will gripe about the delay but things happen. Whatever. Reading this provided joy and entertainment. Exactly what I wanted for $2.99.

The Verdict

Hawkeye's fight against the Bros continues. Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth all deserve a round of applause. The way the story has been building up over so many issues has been great. This issue will entertain you. It will make you laugh and it will even surprise you. Bottom line, I love this series so much.