Comic Vine Review


Hawkeye #13 - The U in Funeral


HAWKEYE returns and there sure is some heavy stuff he has to deal with. Matt Fraction and David Aja are putting Clint through the ringer.

The Good

Yes, we had a bit of a delay since the previous issue. We should focus on the fact the series is back and what happens here.

Matt Fraction is giving us a look at Hawkeye unlike what's been shown before. You can almost say it sucks to be Clint. Often in the Avengers, he's shown with barely a care in the world. Here, we're seeing the repercussions to being part of his personal life. Previously we witnessed the sad killing of one of the residents in the apartment building Clint acquired. Parts of this issue and series may get pretty down, but it's nice to see things from this perspective. The fact that the series isn't always this dour helps as well. There needs to be repercussions in comics. There should be innocent casualties from time to time. That gives it a more realistic edge and also reminds the heroes why they have to keep doing what they're doing and why they have to try to be better each day.

I do love seeing David Aja's art and Matt Hollingsworth's colors in this title. Aja does something a little different here. Each page consists of nine panels. It helps give the story a different kind of pace as well as the opportunity to tell it from different perspectives. We get to see everyone around and how the events unfold around them all. We may get smaller panels but it almost feels like we're allowed to see more of each scene.

The Bad

Yes the unfortunate delay did put a tiny damper on the flow of the series. Some things can't be helped but it's still something that needs to be said.

Maybe I missed it before but sometimes it feels a little weird with the story jumping around a little within the issues and throughout the series. Sometimes it gives us the chance to see the same scene from someone else's perspective but other times it feels a little hectic.

The Verdict

HAWKEYE is back! It's enough to make you happy and cheer but then you remember that things aren't going too great for Clint and those in his personal life. Matt Fraction is really giving us a different take on the character and showing us that being a superhero isn't always fun and games. Clint is on a destructive path but there are moments of sunshine. David Aja's art and Matt Hollingsworth's colors are splendid as always. It's great to have the book back. This isn't your average HAWKEYE comic. And that's a great thing.