Comic Vine Review


Harvest #3


Benjamin Dane plans his revenge, but the FBI puts a hold on his plans.

The Good

I find it creepy that I enjoy a book so twisted and dark. It makes me want to reevaluate myself as a human being. HARVEST may not feel as twisted page-to-page, but the overall book is extremely dark. In this issue, Dr Dane wants to get revenge on the men he used to work for. However, the FBI also wants Dane because of the body he brought into the hospital. They want answers, but Dane just wants revenge.

This issue takes the reader on a fantastic journey as Dr Dane travels to find a way to get his revenge. It's been a struggle, as a reader, to like Dr Dane from the start of this book. He's an addict, and there's nothing about him I found appealing. Issue three completely changed that. for me. I love seeing a good revenge tale and the journey. I feel like I can finally get behind the character because he's about to serve some justice on a cold plate, and I love seeing the bad guy get his dues.

This issue has incredible flow and pacing to it from start to finish. The panels and pages flow together seamlessly as you follow the story. You can easily become engrossed into the story. Writer A.J. Lieberman does a stellar job with the writing here. Dialogue feels natural and transitions well. I love how this is turning out.

Artist Colin Lorimer also does a dynamite job on this issue. What I love most about his work is his color choices for the book. The whole color scheme of the book is shades of green and blue. It gives the book a great sense of style, and more than just pencil work and inking. I'd make the argument that the color palette is just as important as the other aspects of art here. If you think about it, these colors feel like you're sitting in the hospital, which adds greatly to the overall feeling and story, especially if hospitals creep you out.

The Bad

I'm still not understanding the little kid. Is it Dane as a child? I feel like I missed something in the first issue.

The Verdict

Image Comics is the king of mini-series. They have been on this fantastic tear of dynamic and interesting stories featuring well-known and great upcoming talents. HARVEST is an awesome story that's very dark and delves into the world of black market organ trafficking. What I'm getting at is that HARVEST is right up my alley, and no, I'm not some weird creepy dude trying to steal your liver.

The creative team on this book is great, and I can't wait to see how the rest of this series plays out. The only thing I had a problem with here was I don't understand the little kid vision that Dane keeps having, but I feel like I missed out on something in the first issue.

Overall, I love this issue and highly recommend it.