Comic Vine Review


Harley Quinn #5 - The Hunt for Red Octogenarianz


This issue is about Harley teaming up with an old retired cyborg secret agent. That should give you an idea of how insanely fun this issue is.

The Good

The fun and crazy times continue. While Harley is trying to have a purpose and make ends meet, she's started working at a nursing home. This has given her the opportunity to meet Sy Borgman, the former government secret agent known as Syborg. Because Harley is a good natured person, when she isn't bringing harm to them, she's agreed to help Syborg fulfill his unfinished missions. That just gives even more opportunities for the absurdity to come in.

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are giving us a fun comic and you get a sense they're are having fun as well writing it. Too many comics play it straight and serious. That's to be expected with most characters. Having a comic like this is a great change of pace. You can jump into the comic and know know you'll have a good time. It's not simply cheap gags as we're seeing some overreaching story elements continuing from issue to issue.

Chad Hardin impresses me more and more with each issue. Combined with Alex Sinclair's incredible colors, each issue is a visual feast. It's also great having a comic with actual backgrounds as we sometimes see those get overlooked. Hardin captures the emotion and wackiness in Harley's world and it adds to the fun and enjoyment in reading.

The Bad

Syborg obviously plays a big role here. It's understandable that he's basically a grouchy old man but his continued insults started getting a little old. That's probably the intention and having to hang out with someone like that and take that abuse would be annoying. Harley's willingness to help him almost feels a little too enthusiastic. Sure she wants to help but it's almost too much.

The Verdict

HARLEY QUINN continues to stand on its own. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are making this a really fun comic, month after month. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need more comics like this. It's great to have a comic that doesn't take itself so seriously where the readers and creators can have a good time. Chad Hardin's art and Alex Sinclair's colors make it all even better. This comic may not be for everyone but then again, not everyone likes having a fun time.