Comic Vine Review


Hacktivist #1


Find out what happens when the creators of a huge social media network are also big time hackers that can seemingly do just about anything.

The Good

The world is an interesting place. So much happens online and much of it happens without us even realizing it. HACKTIVIST gives us an interesting look at the world of social media networks, hackers and how they could crossover.

The story comes from actress Alyssa Milano. We are seeing the media used in ways not even possible a few years ago to this magnitude. We meet a couple brilliant and successful guys that are exploring the extent of their power through their networks and coding. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly flesh out the story and it really makes you think about how much you might take for granted. It's always refreshing to be able to read a story that is grounded in reality and this series is off to a great start. Besides the two characters behind the social network and hacking, we are also introduced to a female character fighting a revolution in Tunisia. It's this mix of characters that adds a nice variety to the story.

The art is handled by Marcus To with colors by Ian Herring. If you're familiar with either of their work, you have an idea how good this comic looks.

The Bad

I'm a huge fan of Marcus To's art but at the same time, everyone looks too "good looking." In some ways it's like watching a television show where there aren't any ordinary-looking people.

We have an interesting set up. The key will be where the story goes from here. Being limited to only four issues is a little concerning. Hopefully there will be plenty of room to fully explore this story.

The Verdict

HACKTIVIST is a story that feels like more than just a regular comic book story. Alyssa Milano, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly do a great job introducing us to this realistic world and you'll find yourself wondering how this could play out in the real world. Marcus To and Ian Herring provide some great-looking art and colors. Grab yourself a copy and check out the story. You'll thank me later.