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Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1


Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are about to discover what being a Green Lantern is all about.

We're about to look at the Green Lantern Corps from a new perspective. What do you do with two characters that haven't had a chance to truly shine on their own and don't have a lot of experience as Green Lanterns? You put them together in the same book. Simon Baz was an intriguing new Green Lantern that never really had the chance to come into his own. Jessica Cruz had problems she was dealing with before getting sucked into the superhero world. With the upcoming Green Lanterns series, we'll see how these two take to being full fledged Green Lanterns.

Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries kick things off with a new twist. You wouldn't think there could be anything new involving Guardians or power rings, but we get a nice set up for a new mystery. It's almost as surprising to get to see what Simon is up to. Having been left pretty much on his own, he's gained some confidence in his role. This will lead into some tension when he meets Jessica Cruz. There's only supposed to be one Lantern per sector, and now we're seeing quite a few originating from Earth.

What does it mean that Jessica was just given a ring? Where will their place be among the other Lanterns? These are just some of the questions we see presented here. It's a nice beginning for a new series. Despite the various Green Lantern books we've seen over the years, this one already has a different feel to it. I love the fact that these two will be forced to work together. How exactly are they being forced? You'll have to see for yourself.

This issue has some fantastic visuals. The Green Lantern books have to have great art and colors. Ethan Van Sciver on a GL Rebirth issue seems like a given. Getting to see Ed Benes' art is welcomed since he's drawn so many different DC books. Jason Wright's colors give the issue the look it needs to feel like a Lantern book.

The book is obviously a set up for the series. This has to be a way for new readers to understand what the series will be about and where the characters are coming from. There is a lot to read, but that's not really much to complain about.

Green Lanterns has the potential to be the crazy sci-fi buddy cop superhero book you never knew you wanted. Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries set the stage for what is likely to be a fun and action packed series. Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes deliver art worthy of a big Green Lantern story and Jason Wright's colors are top notch. The issue gets a little wordy as it has to bring new readers up to date while also establishing the new direction for these characters. Looks like we have yet another Rebirth title to look forward to.