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Green Lanterns #1 - Rage Planet Part 1


Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz adapt to being Green Lanterns.

Two new rookie Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, are now part of the Green Lantern Corps. They already have a large task in front of them as rage is infecting normal citizens.

The comic speaks more to people that have read Green Lantern comics in the past over the brand new reader, which is fine, since longtime DC readers also deserve something fresh and new. Seeing Cruz and Baz work together on their first mission is a lot of fun. It's a learning experience for these characters and Sam Humphries gives these two Lanterns an air of inexperience.

It's great to see one of the other Lantern Corps reestablished as an antagonist in this series. All the Lantern Corps have been on relatively good terms, and while Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns will deal with Sinestro and his Corps, Green Lanterns has the Red Lanterns. However, this issue offers more than just members of the Red Lanterns fighting these two rookies.Red Dawn is coming and even bigger than that, Simon Baz can see the future. Humphries offers up a lot for readers to enjoy.

Robson Rocha is joined by Jay Leisten on inks and Blond on colors. The work here is solid. There's a lot of detail in each panel. Blond's colors really shine in this issue, which is incredibly important for any Green Lantern book.They couldn't have picked a better colorist.

Green Lanterns #1 is a very solid opening offering. The issue gives readers a good idea of what's coming down the pipeline, without distracting the reader from the action on the page. The issue is geared more towards longtime readers, which is great, since so many other books are gearing more towards newer readers. The only real problem is that it feels like it gets into the story a bit too quickly. There is some character development, but it might have been nice for things to have a bit slower pace. Regardless, this is a solid opening issue.