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Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #13 - 2011: A Space Oddity


The last issue of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. Batman and Guy Gardner team-up to investigate a murder on a space station. Can Batman's detective skills and Guy's persuasiveness solve this crime?

Guy Gardner finds himself at a space station orbiting Earth, where Batman is investigating the death of Captain Keaton, but Batman smells something fishy! Who killed Captain Keaton, and can this oddly matched duo stop the killer?

The Good

Huge bummer that this series is ending, but it goes out with a good story that isn't surrounding in a bigger story arc. I really enjoyed seeing Guy and Batman "work together." The story has a great sense of humor, and it's a ton of fun. It has a great pace and believe it or not, it's actually a good end to the series. Sure, it doesn't really wrap anything up or truly close out the series. It's just a fun, one-shot story with the feel of a Silver Age classic.

This is the first time I feel like we truly get to see just how powerful Guy Gardner can truly be. There's a few cool moments where we see just how large of a construct Guy can create, and the immense amount of willpower it takes to keep it together. If you can say anything about this final issue, it's that we get to see Guy show off a bit.

The Bad

It's a good story, but not great, and while I liked it as a final issue overall, personally, I'd like a bit of closure. DC is keeping us in the dark and just putting a screeching halt on all of its books, and many of them don't have great endings and we have no clue how everything is tying into Flashpoint.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed this story as a whole. It's not part of a giant event, and it has that great Silver Age feel to it. Seeing Batman and Guy working together was really cool and we got to see how great Guy's power truly can be. On the downside, we get no closure to the team or the book as a whole and you feel a bit in the dark as the book ends. I do recommend this issue to anyone because frankly, it's the only issue in the entire run of any of the three Green Lantern books where you don't need any background info. It's a fun, self-contained story.