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Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11 - Rest and Relaxation


The "War of the Green Lanterns" is over! But for Guy Gardner, his post-"War" story has only just begun!

Now that the War of the Green Lanterns is over, what happens next for Guy Gardner?

The Good

Guy Gardner gets some solo action. After a major crossover event, it's nice to see characters get some down time. Guy is on his way to some R & R but (of course) he has to take care of some business before beginning to rest. This shows that the Lanterns have many responsibilities and it's good to see that something is always going on. Guy gets the chance to remind us what he's all about and why he is capable of taking care of 'business' on his own.

The Bad

I can't see any serious repercussions coming out of this issue. It's a weird feeling after all the insanity of the War of the Green Lanterns to have the follow up issue feel so lackluster. Yes there should be some downtime after a huge event but to follow it with a story about Guy facing a nameless and boring villain.

The solicit also mentions Kilowog but there is not sign of him.

The Verdict

Guy Gardner gets some alone time after sharing the spotlight with the other Lanterns in The War of the Green Lanterns. Guy has always proven himself to be a formidable hero and seeing him take care of some routine Lantern business (which you know will turn sour) is fun to see. The problem is the issue felt unnecessary. There won't be any lasting repercussions from this. I don't feel I wouldn't missed out on anything besides Guy kicking some butt if I had passed on this.