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Green Lantern Corps #63 - Now and Forever!


In the final issue of Green Lantern Corps, writer Scott Kolins tells three shot tales about members of the Corps in this final issue.

This final issue of Green Lantern Corps is split up into four chapters or four stories, each one of them involving a different member of the Corps. The first chapter is about Boodikka, the second about Salaak, the third about Kyle Rayner, and the fourth about Tomar and the corps as a whole.

The Good

We've seen a few final issues of books before the DCnU takes over, and so far, this is the best one. I like how the issue is split into four stories that more or less all come together by the end, but the thing I liked the most about this particular issue was the Kyle Rayner story.

Freddie Williams II did the art on this story and it looks brilliant. I've always enjoyed Williams art, and I love seeing him tackle the members of the Green Lantern Corps. What makes this story better than the rest is that it finally showed an element of the Corps I always knew existed: hatred of humans. Human lanterns may have saved the corps a few times, but they've also screwed things up just as much, and on top of that, they seem to be the only species that has more than one representative on the corps, minus Sinestro and his daughter Sora. It seems like while the team can be on thin ice with each other at times, they will always come together to fight the good fight because duty comes before emotion, and this issue shows that very well.

Each story has different artists on it, but it's all written by Scott Kolins who seems to have a good grasp on these characters and the dynamic of the corps. As much as I wish I could see more members of the corps highlighted in this issue, the few they picked was a nice send-off and over everything else, probably the best choice.

The Bad

Last issue blues. I've got them. I've been reading this series since issue number one, and it's a bummer to see everything set up over the years to hang in limbo, since none of us are sure what stories, characters, dynamics, and plots will be part of DCnU continuity, starting in September. The change in artists is a bit of a bummer as you read the issue, but it's four distinct styles, so it's not one of those cases where the editors are trying to slip one past you as you read.

The Verdict

Overall, I'm very bummed this is the last issue, but unlike a couple of other final issues I've read from DC this month, this one is actually a good read, and it doesn't feel like a throw-away issue. The writing, by Scott Kolins, is great and he has a good grasp of the characters, but overall, the Kyle Rayner story is by far the best. I recommend this issue, but I can't say you NEED this in your collection. It's a nice send-off for the series, but it leaves you wanting more, which, in this continuity, we will never get. Green Lantern Corps #1 revamps on September 21st.