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Green Lantern #9 - The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part Three


If you're looking for the Secret of the Indigo Tribe, you sure are going to find some here. The arc isn't over yet but there are some huge bombshells here.

Usually when we're promised answers, we're teased and only given snippets. That isn't the case here. Be prepared for some answers.

The Good

The arc may be called "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe" but that didn't quite prepare me for what happens here. And let's be clear, it's not just the Indigo Tribe we'll be finding out information on. There's some juicy facts dealing with Sinestro as well as Abin Sur.

You can clearly see that Geoff Johns isn't holding back here. It almost feels like the series is ending and all the secrets need to be told before the end. Thankfully, that is not the case. We are finding out a lot and are also getting more on upcoming stories.

Along with Johns story we get the continued stellar art by Doug Mahnke. It's the combination of Mahnke's art with Johns ideas as well as Alex Sinclair's amazing colors that makes this such a great package. This is exactly what I expect in the GREEN LANTERN title and it's great when they all deliver.

The Bad

There's always the fear of what happens next after the big secret is revealed. Characters and situations can change, not always for the best. It shouldn't be a problem here since it's always felt as if he has the story completely mapped out well in advance.

The Verdict

You want answers? This issue has answers. Hopefully you'll be prepared for them and can handle them all. It's almost crazy how it feels all the stops are bing pulled. There's still one more part to this arc yet big things are happening. The team of Johns, Mahnke and Sinclair (along with an army of inkers) makes this such a great and fun comic to read each month. As if the revelations weren't enough, we also see another crazy move by the Guardians. It's no surprise why this is my favorite Green Lantern title month after month.