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Green Lantern #4 - Sinestro, Part Four


Last issue we saw the possible death of one of the main characters. The action continues and Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke give us more pure Green Lantern action.

The last issue ended with quite a cliffhanger as we saw the apparent disintegration of Hal Jordan. Was that an accident or part of the plan?

The Good

I can't get enough of this series. I've probably said it before but it's worth noting again, making Sinestro into a Green Lantern once again was a brilliant move. It's completely changed the dynamic of his character along with his relationship with the entire Green Lantern Corps. With each issue, you get the feeling that somehow there is still a lot to Sinestro that we just don't know about. His character has become more complex, but in a good way. He might have good intentions but since we're talking about Sinestro, you just can't ever be certain.

Hal Jordan has been having a difficult time lately. After getting his power ring taken away and being sent back to Earth, he's been at the mercy of Sinestro and the power ring he managed to create for him. Hal has been forced to help Sinestro try to liberate his home planet from the cruel rule of the Sinestro Corps. Things don't really get any better for Hal in this issue. The suspense builds as the entire situation continues to feel more and more grim.

If Hal manages to survive all of this (I'm sure everyone can figure out what his chances are), he won't be the same person he was before. When the power ring was taken away and he was forced to spend time on Earth as a regular human, it forced him to see things differently. Working with Sinestro and being at his mercy should also teach him some humility. We can assume eventually he'll get his power ring issue sorted and it's going to be really interesting to see how all of this will change him.

Doug Mahnke's art is a blessing once again. I dig the way he draws everyone and you can see the emotions pouring off the characters, especially through their eyes. The tiniest details he adds speak volumes.

The Bad

I am loving this adventure with Hal and Sinestro and I love that they are pretty much separate from the Green Lantern Corps (and rest of the DCU) but the Korugar story needs to be resolved soon.

The Verdict

The Sinestro/Hal Jordan team up continues. The odds are against them and things didn't end too well for Hal last issue. We are discovering that there is still more to Sinestro than we thought. Geoff Johns' decision to turn Sinestro into a Green Lantern once again has been a great ride and we're left with no clue how this can all end. Doug Mahnke's art is the perfect fit for this book. You can feel the contempt oozing from Sinestro as he looks down on everyone. I am totally enjoying the story but I would like the Korugar/Sinestro Corps story to be resolved soon. By having this title not closely connected to the other GL books, there is more of a feeling that anything goes. GREEN LANTERN continues to be a blast to read each month.