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Green Lantern #30 - Death and Life Review


Hal Jordan engages in negotiations with a member of the Khund to end the war.

The Good

Since Robert Venditti took over as the writer on GREEN LANTERN, this book has been flipped on its head. Issue #30 of GREEN LANTERN is where I feel Venditti's fully owns this book and its characters. Everything he's done has been fantastic, for the most part, but this issue has all of the moving pieces Venditti has been setting up in full motion. Essentially, Hal Jordan and the rest of the crew are trying their best to clean up the mess the Durlan created, a few issues back.

Readers who have been enjoying this series will spend most of the issue wondering how everything is going to be cleaned up by the new Green Lantern Corps. It's incredibly suspenseful and will keep the reader guessing. Each story plays heavily on the last one, which creates a larger, fuller story. If you're not a fan of stories like this, then you may be a bit turned off by this one, but Venditti is really making the Green Lantern universe his with this story.

Venditti opens this issue up with an extremely emotional moment as the lanterns pay their respects to fallen lanterns, including Kyle Rayner. It's a fantastic scene and really gives credibility to Hal Jordan to the leader of this corps as he gives a speech in remembrance of Rayner.

The last scene of this issue is utterly wonderful. Not all members of the Green Lantern Corps are created equal and not all of them are so law abiding. Readers are treated to a very shocking moment which doesn't help the larger situation by any means.

The art really impressed me on this issue, especially the colors by Tony Avina and Alex Sinclair. The colors in this book are a cool mixture of the old and the new, right from page one. There's lots of flat colors, layered on first, then some hatching to darken things up in other areas, but what one of these colorists did that was really cool was not use straight black for the hatching. It almost looks like colored pencil, shades darker, to do the hatching. It gives the art a wonderfully soft feel to the scene, which works incredibly well in the opening pages, which are extremely emotional.

The Bad

No real problems with this issue. This direction is so fresh and interesting. If anything, it's easy to say this isn't new reader friendly because like most of Venditti's work, his stories are so closely tied to each other, which is easily the best part of his writing.

The Verdict

GREEN LANTERN #30 is the issue that will really grab readers and make them believe that Venditti was the perfect choice to run this series. From the opening to the last page, we are treated to some solid storytelling and seeing Hal Jordan really hone the role of leader. If you're aware of what's going on in GL, this is probably one of the better places to jump on the book. We're in the midst of a fantastic new era for Green Lantern.

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Posted By TommytheHitman

That cover is kinda meh though.

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Posted By mcgregorp

wondering if should pick this up, I stop when Geoff johns run ended

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Posted By Mrgreenlantern

enjoyed the bar scene prior to the fight, it was pretty well exectuted considering both sides are on opposite ends of the conflict

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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

It may not be new reader friendly (take it from me) but it's still good enough that it's worth the price.

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Posted By patrat18

wondering if should pick this up, I stop when Geoff johns run ended


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Posted By Snake_Plissken

Have they stopped the 'oh noes, using our rings could kill the universe!' plotline yet? Beyond stupid and really takes away from the concept of green lantern.

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Edited By AllStarSuperman

wondering if should pick this up, I stop when Geoff johns run ended

me too

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Posted By PapiNacho

Enjoyed this issue but I wonder what the point of Hal Jordan meeting with the little alien at all was? I garnered from the issue he was surprised at why the Khund were there, so I don't know what his purpose was.

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Posted By PrimeDirective

Woah woah woah... I ducked out for a few months due to real life getting a bit too hectic to keep up with my reading habit. Kyle is dead?!? When did that happen?!? I thought he was off with the New Guardians as the White Lantern.

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Posted By timelord

This is the single best issue of Robert Venditti's run so far I felt. Every scene was incredibly powerful the art was great I hope Hal stays the leader of The Corps for a long time after this issue.

I'm just wondering why we need to go into yet another Lantern cross over when this book is finally in a great place after Geoff Johns run? DC you need to let your books breathe it's done wonders for Red Lanterns and Green Lantern: New Guardians.

I am also really excited for Robert Venditti's run on The Flash now where before I was rather dreading it to be honest.

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Edited By SinestAdam
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Posted By The Stegman

I didn't like the whole "Oh no! We're draining the light reservoir!" Stuff or the Khund stuff, so I dropped GL and GLC.

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Posted By bjurczyszyn

Where should I start on this book?

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Posted By mak13131313

Absolutely loved this book! And I agree with Mat about Venditti being the right one for this book. I've been saying that since he took over.

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