Comic Vine Review


Green Lantern #28 - Red Alert, Part 1 of 2


In a special 'flip book' with RED LANTERNS #28, we see the arrival of a new and familiar Red Lantern.

Note: This review will mainly focus on GREEN LANTERN #28. Of course the fact that you get two comics for the price of one is a huge plus.

The Good

Things are a mess for the Green Lanterns. With pretty much the entire universe hating them, the threat of using their powers damaging the Emotional Spectrum and the recent attack against them, it's a hard time to be a member of the Corps. To make things wore for them, a couple Lanterns discover the arrival of a new Red Lantern. Supergirl has somehow become a Red Lantern (we'll find out how and why in the upcoming SUPERGIRL #28). This just adds to the problems the Lanterns are already dealing with.

Robert Venditti is moving the story and characters forward while continuing to keep a cohesive nature to the Green Lantern universe as this story fittingly crosses over with the Red Lanterns' title. We get a great cliffhanger and we don't even have to wait to read the next part. All we have to do is flip the comic over to read RED LANTERNS #28.

Billy Tan gets to take the action all over the place. Seeing the action with Supergirl in space and what's going on down on Mogo's surface, there's plenty to see.

The Bad

I'm still not used to Hal Jordan's look. There's something about the shape of his head and hair along with his mask that just looks off to me whenever I see him. Everything else is fine.

Not knowing why Supergirl is now a Red Lantern could be seen as a mystery to see unfold. It partially feels like she was just thrusted upon us since we'll have to wait a couple weeks to read SUPERGIRL #28.

There's a tiny bit of confusion which comic to read first. The first page of RED LANTERNS makes it clear but it's on the second page of the GREEN LANTERN part.

The Verdict

Two comics for the price of one. The idea of Supergirl as a Red Lantern is a strange one. It is unexpected and will be interesting to see explored. The Green Lanterns are dealing with a lot and this just adds to the chaos they already have to face. We'll have to wait for some answers about Supergirl but at least we get to follow this story immediately in the pages of RED LANTERN, on the other side of this issue.

I debated whether the added value of essentially getting a 'free' comic for the price of one should impact the individual ratings but decided to rate each separately.