Comic Vine Review


Green Lantern #26 - Superior Force


Hal Jordan and Kilowog face Nol-Anj and her clan. She's illegally using the emotional spectrum and Hal needs her to stop.

The Good

Hal and Kilowog are on planet Dekann trying to arrest Nol-Anj and her clan, but Nol-Anj is extremely powerful. Hal asks the Green Lantern Corps to come to him for help.

Billy Tan does a wonderful job on the art side of things. He has become an artist I get excited about while on Green Lantern books because I really feel like he captures these characters well. There's a few close-up shots on Hal that look fantastic. Same goes for most of the panels of Kilowog as well. He really captures the "meathead with a golden heart" that Kilowog has.

What's really interesting about this issue is that these characters live in a different world now because of the events of Lights Out. Before members of the Corps head off to Dekann to help Hal and Kilowog, Graf and Vath get into a bit of a discussion about using their rings, since it was revealed in Lights Out that using the emotional spectrum drains the universe of its energy. There seems to be a split here. Vath, who seems comfortable with using the rings, knowing the reservoir has been refilled, and everyone else, who is a bit against tapping into the emotional spectrum.

Mogo's involvement in this issue is amazing. I really like what writer Robert Venditti is doing with this character. The GLC is now a mobile police force, since the power battery is on Mogo and Mogo can move about as it pleases. This adds a new dimension to the book, since there is no stationary central location for this group. The end of the issue leads the reader to believe that something more sinister is happening. Is this a force that the GLC will be able to stop? I really like the direction this book is heading, post Lights Out.

The Bad

There's three people working on the inks on this issue. It becomes pretty obvious, in some scenes, since the inking styles are so different from each other. Different artists, colorists, and inkers on the same book is fine as long as it's close to seamless, or the art changes in the story for a certain reason. One their own, each inker is talented, but it becomes a bit distracting with the changes here.

The Verdict

Venditti and Tan continue to impress with their run on GREEN LANTERN. This book has gone through some insane changes since Venditti took over as writer, and frankly, I'm loving what's going on. This more mobile Green Lantern Corps is a very fun idea and I like the execution. The ending is pretty cool and seems like it will lead up to something interesting. The best way to describe the direction of this book is exciting and extremely entertaining. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.