Comic Vine Review


Green Lantern #23.4 - Sinestro


All the aspects of Sinestro's origin are explored in this Villains Month issue!

The Good

What made Sinestro the baddie he is today? How did this once mighty member of the Green Lantern Corps become said group's biggest foe?

By far, the coolest part of this whole issue is the bordering along the outside of the pages for the majority of the issue. While it is the same border design for all the pages, it's still really cool looking and adds this mythological or lore feel to the story. Now, not every issue of every story needs a unique look like this, but because this issue is all about Sinestro, Hal Jordan's oldest enemy, it's a perfect addition to the overall issue. It gives this issue a real feel of importance.

While this recaps a lot of what happened to Sinestro during his early years as a Green Lantern and what happened to him during Johns' run, writer Matt Kindt expands on Sinestro's final days as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and his relationship with his wife, Arin Sur. Much of this book can be described as a "behind the scenes" issue, which is pretty cool to see. Kindt does a fine job of showing us why and how Sinestro came to be the villain he is today. He wasn't always a bad dude. Kindt really gives us a fuller character here.

The art on this book is amazatastic. Dale Eaglesham (art) and Andrew Dalhouse (colors) provide some fine storytelling through art. Each panel really fits into this idea that we're learning the story of Sinestro, almost like a children's tale, with tons of violence and an enslavement of an entire planet. Dalhouse's colors are just so perfect. The guy does amazing things with shading. His colors can really define the look of a book, and he's been killing it with the cosmic stuff as of recent (this and THRESHOLD).

The Bad

It's really a recap issue to Sinestro's origin and what he was up to during Geoff Johns run. Long-time GREEN LANTERN readers may be a bit bummed with it, even though the execution of this issue was stellar.

The Verdict

This issue was really REALLY close to a 5/5 for me. It was a lot of fun, but as a longtime GL fan, it really did have this overall "recap" feel. The art team of Eaglesham and Dalhouse do a great job here. The borders around the pages are especially brilliant. This is a great place for those interested in the series or this character to jump on and learn more about Sinestro. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.