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Green Lantern #1 - Sinestro, Part One


'The New 52' Green Lantern is here and it's not Hal Jordan! Picking up from the events of the previous GL series, Sinestro has a power ring and a sector to protect. That leaves Hal Jordan in a new situation.

After many years, Sinestro is finally back as a Green Lantern, even if it's not by choice. It might be the 'New 52' but thankfully this is picking up where we left off. Sinestro has a power ring and Hal Jordan doesn't.

The Good

Here's a confession. I'm a pretty big Green Lantern fan. I've worn a sterling silver GL ring on my hand every day since I got it in 1997. Hal Jordan was one of my favorites since first seeing him on the Superfriends show. Since Geoff Johns has taken over, it's been one roller coaster ride after another. At the end of The War of the Green Lanterns, we had the shocking scene of Sinestro being chosen to be a Green Lantern once again and Hal Jordan stripped of his ring. With all the changes in 'The New 52," there was the question of how much would carry over and how much would stay the same.

The good news is this issue picks up pretty much right from where we left off. We even still have Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke on board. Sinestro doesn't want his ring but what the Guardians have to say is interesting. And of course I'll leave that for you to read. I was also concerned we wouldn't see too much of Hal. It's not a spoiler but he is here. He is trying to adjust to not having a power ring. Just as in my recent article, the question comes up whether or not Hal can still be a hero without his ring. What about other characters? They are some. You will want to see what they've been up to in the short little gap between this issue and War of the Green Lanterns. And of course the ending should come with one of those musical greeting card soundchips that goes "Dun dun duuuuun!"

The Bad

Not necessarily bad for previous Green Lantern readers but this isn't exactly the perfect jumping on point. While we won't be getting pure origin stories in the 'New 52' books, my impression was they would all be accessible. It is mentioned that Sinestro used to be a Lantern and did bad things. Also that Hal used to be one and no longer is (but it's not said what he did).

The Verdict

Sinestro is a freaking Green Lantern. It's such an insane idea yet the set up is perfect. Sinestro hates the Lanterns and wants nothing to do with them. Hal Jordan loves being a Lantern yet was kicked out (and now powerless). Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke return to the series in the 'New 52' relaunch but it feels like this could have easily been Green Lantern #68. Long time readers will rejoice to see the events continue along with tiny updates on some of the characters. As for new readers, this isn't the perfect jumping on point for new readers as intended with 'The New 52." It's not impossible to pick up. New readers may know who Sinestro is from the movie and there is explanation through dialogue. Personally, this is exactly what I would want in the series. I have no idea how Sinestro as a GL will work and from what we see here, it's going to be great to find out.