Comic Vine Review


Green Arrow: Rebirth #1


Oliver Queen is back. Yes, he's been here all along, but be prepared for a classic Ollie-vibe.

Benjamin Percy has done something pretty impressive. As the previous writer of Green Arrow, it now feels like he's writing a different character. There was something a little off about the Oliver Queen we just recently had. I would read the series off and on, trying to keep up. It was just a little hard at times to really care about the character. It obviously wasn't the Green Arrow we had in the old days. With the Rebirth energy pouring over Ollie now, you can already feel the classic Green Arrow we had before starting to come back.

The story presented here is pretty straight forward. That's not necessarily a bad thing. This is the sort of adventure that really works for Ollie. We get to see Green Arrow take on a new problem in the city, or at least it's new problem he's just become aware of. He does deal with an aspect of the new threat, but the problem's not resolved completely. This leaves the door open for more. With the return of his facial hair and the presence of Black Canary, you'll feel like you've stepped into a time machine. There are some parts of the issue that feel a little rushed or convenient. Ollie and Dinah almost fell into a partnership rather suddenly, but at the end of day, it's a good thing to see again. We did have some good Green Arrow stories in the New 52 run, but I am more excited to read his adventures than I have been in a while.

Otto Schmidt's art and colors are really good. I love how it feels both detailed and loose at times. He creates a good atmosphere with colors that really fits the character. Little things like the Canary scream look really cool. Happy to know Schmidt is continuing on the regular series as well.

You can count me on board for this new direction for Green Arrow. This is what Rebirth was meant to achieve. Benjamin Percy has captured the essence of classic Oliver Queen and I can't wait to read more, especially if Black Canary continues to be a part of it. Otto Schmidt's are and colors really works for me. I used to just read Green Arrow off and on. I'll definitely be reading it month to month now.