Comic Vine Review


Green Arrow #28 - The Outsiders War, Book 3: The Final Lesson


Oliver's hit with a staggering reveal and Komodo takes action.

The Good

Jeff Lemire is wasting no time at all in The Outsiders War. There's some big, compelling developments made in this issue and, unlike the first two chapters, this one isn't entirely about Oliver (not like that's a bad thing, though). Yes, Green Arrow obviously has a fair share of panel time and understandably so -- that last cliffhanger needs elaboration, after all -- but Lemire also jumps to the situation back in Seattle to establish a very interesting new plot point. We also catch up with Komodo and, surprise, surprise, there's yet another very interesting development.

Seriously, so much happens in this issue and it's all legitimately gripping and interesting plot progression. The retelling of Oliver's origin feels a bit rushed and Shado doesn't get much focus, but it's understandable given how much ground Lemire covers in this one issue.

The art in this issue is beyond inventive -- it's surreal. Not only is Andrea Sorrentino (art) and Marcelo Maiolo's (colors) artwork consistently beautiful, but there's at least three shockingly inventive pages and countless panels worth admiring. At first glance, some of theses amazingly vivid pages may seem a bit crowded or overly complex, but once you jump in and experience the artwork in proper order, it's a real beauty. Even something as simple as a bird flying in a city is worth gazing at for a fair amount of time.

The Bad

Honestly, no major complaints here. The creative team is doing some incredibly praiseworthy work with this book. This issue absolutely deserves all five stars.

The Verdict

Secrets are explained, new alliances are formed, and the tension builds. Lemire's plot remains both gripping and exciting, but Sorrentino and Maiolo's artwork is simply out of this world. This is without question the best looking book in my pull list and I find myself once again beyond anxious to purchase the next issue. I just can't recommend this series enough.