Comic Vine Review


Great Pacific #4 - Trashed!, Part 4


Chas Worthington finds out he's not the only person with a vested interest in this giant pile of ocean trash.

The Good

There is a lot I really enjoyed about this issue. For starters, the comic's art continues to be consistent. It's gritty and very detailed and ultimately very beautiful. The colors are also extremely bright and vibrant, and very complimentary to the pencils. The inking is really thin and minimalist, a quality I think really manages to bring out the colors of the comic. In general, from an art perspective, this is really very lovely.

The story is getting interesting. Last we saw him, Chas had met a young French girl named Zoe and the two got into a rather sticky situation. They realize that, like most unexplored and uncharted places, there may be people (or in this case, creatures) that are already living there. How will these creatures react to these people being there? What will they do? Are Chas and Zoe in danger? The story has begun to unravel in a very interesting way.

There are also some very unexpected situations, as well. For starters, the story opens up with Chas and Zoe being on (seemingly) good terms, but is everything really as it seems? And what about Chas' friend? What about his Grandfather who is still living in Texas? When will the shareholders of his family's company discover that he faked his own death? The story is becoming more and more complicated and this issue certainly adds some very new and interesting developments to the overall story.

The dialogue is great. Chas is a likeable (albeit naive) character that is definitely entertaining to read and follow as the story progresses. He makes a great narrator because he seems so new to everything. He is still under the impression that he could make a change, so it will be interesting to see how his perspective changes as the story develops.

The Bad

Although we did see some progress in this story (particularly in the final pages of this issue), it did still sort of feel something like a "filler." Plenty of things happened, but the story wasn't actually pushed forward until the very end, and that sort of disappointed me. There were some moments that felt a bit bland (even if this is a good story). I think perhaps because the last three issues were so good, I may have had high expectations for this one as well.

The Verdict

This is one of the new series from Image that I look forward to every month because it is so completely different from anything out in the comic market. Writer Joe Harris plucks a spoiled, naive, overly wealthy heir to a multi-billion dollar company and gives him a cause to care about. This character, whose motives seem selfless, is actually quite selfish and it is interesting to see him progressively get a taste of reality as he discovers that his original plans won't be so easy. Additionally, Martin Morazzo does a fantastic job on the art in this issue, once again. He is incredibly consistent and his work here is really lovely.