Comic Vine Review


Great Pacific #2 - Man Vs. Nature Vs. Man


Chad Worthington discovers that he's not the first to inhabit his garbage-heap island

The Good

GREAT PACIFIC is quickly becoming one of my favorite new series because it is so different from so many of the comics out in the market today. The series first opened with an introduction to Chad Worthington, the son of a billionaire oil tycoon who has managed to successfully launder his company money to off-shore accounts before faking his own death with the help of his very good friend. Now that he's "dead," what happens? This issue picks up right where the last one left off. The first issue was a fantastic introduction to this new story and really did a great job immersing the reader into this very interesting environment. In fact, the first issue was so good, I had my concerns that the creative team wouldn't deliver as well in the second issue. I stand completely corrected. The second issue is not only just as good as the first, it also presents a very interesting story and draws some very interesting parallels to history.

In the second issue we become further aquainted with Worthington's character and we realize that he is a little bit, well, selfish and self absorbed. The fact that it did not seem to register with him that the island he found may have already been inhabited is an interesting parallel to what happened during the time of the Conquistadors, and in a way, Worthington too is a conqueror not only of lands, but of "his name" which he wants so desperately to "make for himself." A lot of things happen very quickly in this issue, but that doesn't mean there was anything wrong with the pacing.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this issue is the fact that even though we get a lot of answers to questions that are presented in the first issue, there's still no way to see what will happen next. Readers are still sort of in the dark about everything, and that's the way it should be. In no way did this comic feel at all predictable or cliche.

The Bad

Nothing bad here, a solid second issue and a great start to a new series.

The Verdict

I didn't think the creative team would be able to deliver a second issue equally as strong as the first but they did. In this fantastic second issue, the creative team explores the central character's personality without explicitly and directly delving into it directly. Here, we see that he is faced with some rather unusual circumstances that will force him to make some rather rash decisions. Still, very interesting stuff. I love the way this story feels grounded and based on reality to a certain extent; I think it really adds to its uniqueness. The art and story are very complimentary and the book is not only well written, but beautifully illustrated as well. I highly recommend this series (and recommend that you begin with the first issue) to anyone looking for something very different.