Comic Vine Review


Great Pacific #1 - Trashed!


If you want a story that will keep you guessing from start to finish, look no further.

The Good

What isn't good about this comic? First of all, the art is incredible. Artist Martin Morazzo's pencils and colors are just beautiful. There is so much attention to detail in this issue and each panel is not only breathtaking, but it draws you into this story. It's obvious just looking at the panels that these two creators worked closely on this project based on the way that the comic was illustrated. There are moments that the book's writer, Joe Harris, clearly lets Morazzo tell the story. Morazzo often focuses on specific objects that hold a lot of importance to the overall story, ultimately using his art as a means of foreshadowing the events to come.

Beyond the art though you have this really intricate, beautiful story that really just sucks you in. We're quickly introduced to the book's main protagonist -- or who we think is the main protagonist. It is unclear what Chas Worthington's motives ultimately are, save for the fact that he is on a mission. I found it particularly clever that the creative team started the issue in the present and moved the story to two weeks into the past. However, by the time you reach that last page, you still don't know what happened at the start of the comic. I think leaving readers in that suspense of not knowing what is yet to come and what the main protagonists motives ultimately are is really clever and adds a lot to the overall story.

Chas seems like this very likeable character, but it's still unclear what his goals are, and I think that's great. I really appreciate the fact that the creative team is holding their cards close to their chest, being careful not to give too much away. Not only does it add to the mystery of the character, the plot and the premise; but the not knowing really adds to the way that this story is organized. Additionally, the dialogue in this first issue is excellent, it really gives you a sense of who these characters are even if they are only on panel briefly.

The Bad

Nothing bad about this book, really well done.

The Verdict

This comic is just really aesthetically pleasing. Beyond the fact that it has a lot of really pretty pictures, it's just a really well organized comic with a solid story that will suck you in and keep you guessing. What are Chas' motives? What does he want and why did he fake his own death? There's a lot about this issue that will leave you wondering what is next, and I think that's a great start. I love the way it is structured and the dialogue in this book is a great insight into the characters that appear in the comic. The fact that this first issue leaves readers with more questions than answers is a great guarantee that it will bring you back for more. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a comic that is well written and beautifully drawn.