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Grayson #10 - Nemesis Part 2


Is there a traitor working against Dick? Is he a traitor? And what the heck does Lex Luthor want?

GRAYSON keeps getting better and better. It’s almost hard to think back to Dick Grayson being a spandex-clad superhero. I’ll admit, Dick transitioning from a vigilante to a spy seemed like a strange idea to me but it was one I was opened to seeing fleshed out. Tim Seeley and Tom King have been carving out a great little world for Dick the spy to explore.

One of the minor aspects that bothered me a little before was Dick constantly calling and checking in with Batman. It was a way to keep the book and character tied to his old lifestyle but it also made it feel like Dick couldn't handle things on his own. Obviously this isn't the case and it was more that Dick was working with Batman in order to make the mission to infiltrate Spyral succeed. Now that Batman's status quo has changed a little, we are finally seeing Dick fly on his own. There is also more of an actual spy element thrown in but him having to completely cut his ties to his past. With the current story full of mystery, intrigue, and possible betrayal, it has all the making of what you would want in a great spy thriller. Throw in Lex Luthor and the fact that Dick died the last time they met, the layers of intrigue and suspense are building.

As great as it always is to see Lex, it did feel a little out of place. I'm trying not to let continuity affect my reading enjoyment but I had to stop and think about where did this Lex came from? You can never tell what his angle is but with him being part of the Justice League and with his new look in BATMAN/SUPERMAN, we had a return of the more straight-forward businessman Lex clearly acting on his own. It's not much of a complaint and there could be a completely logical explanation about Lex's behavior and attitude but it just threw me off a little.

The art by Mikel Janin with Jeromy Cox's colors is just fantastic. DC needs to make sure they keep this creative team together because they, along with Seeley and King, are knocking each issue out of the ballpark. I'm becoming more and more used to seeing Dick in action without his Nightwing suit. That's something I couldn't imagine saying. Janin and Cox are adding the perfect vibe to the feel of the stories.

I do admire how far GRAYSON has come since we first saw Dick make the move to becoming a secret agent. Seeley and King are pouring in the spy drama and intrigue that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Janin and Cox's art and colors are gorgeous and fit the book nicely. I'm still waiting for a certain female to appear again but I'm completely enjoying each issue as they come. Who would’ve thought the former Robin would be allowed to come so far? If you’ve been holding onto the notion that Dick needs to be a costumed superhero, you need to see just how much he's changed and grown as a character in this series alone. I can't wait to see what'll happen next.