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Godzilla: Awakening #1 - HC


Set before the upcoming movie, this tells you what you need to know about the legendary creature.

The Good

I'm not normally a big fan of movie-related comics. There's always something missing in the execution. Released through Legendary Comics, this hardcover Godzilla comic is obviously tied to the upcoming movie. Two things that immediately caught my attention were the cover by Art Adams and the fact this was co-written by Max Borenstein, the guy that wrote the screenplay for the movie. It is a nice looking hardcover and I am a sucker for those.

As for what's inside, the story takes place before the movie. If you're familiar with Godzilla, you might think you know what his origin is. It turns out, it's not quite what you think. This little detail makes an interesting change from some of the pre-existing tellings of how Godzilla came to be.

There are moments when the art is pretty cool. There's a fine line between making Godzilla look menacing or a little silly. Seeing the different locations and other things Godzilla deals with was interesting.

The Bad

The story jumps around a little. This isn't too much of a problem but there were some moments I had to flip back to see what year it was to remind myself at what point in the timeline the section was dealing with.

I mentioned the cool parts of the art. Unfortunately there were some moments that were pretty muddy. Some of the inking and colors made it a little difficult to keep track of what was going on. This was compacted with the parts where the story jumped forward a little.

Even though this story is set as a prequel (of sorts) for the movie, it's likely that it won't be completely essential in viewing the movie. Fans of Godzilla will be interested but the average viewer may be on the fence.

The Verdict

As with Pacific Rim, Legendary Comics has released a hardcover prequel for Godzilla to get fans even more excited for the upcoming movie. Often movie tie-in comics fall flat but the story here does provide some interesting tidbits about how Godzilla will be interpreted in the movie. We get some cool moments in the comic but with multiple artists, some parts felt a little rushed and hard to follow. Fans of Godzilla and the upcoming movie should consider checking this out. Others could likely get by waiting.

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Posted By cincyducksfan35

I would give this a 7.5 to an 8 out of 10 personally, BUT I am a big Godzilla fan to begin with. This book got me even more excited for the movie. For a tie in I think this is far ahead of some other tie in comics we have had in the past. The story may not be essential, but based on the trailers and information out there about the movie it seems like this is a great lead in to the film. Can't wait for the movie!

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Posted By MasterBelmont

I would like to know the origin, so I should check this out. Three starts isn't bad, either, so it might be worth it.

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Posted By tparks

@tparks: I recommend watching the Asian trailer for the film. It will answer your question.

I've seen it. It looks awesome. I was talking about the Graphic Novel, not the movie though.

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Edited By SavageDragon

@tparks: I recommend watching the Asian trailer for the film. It will answer your question.

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Edited By Kal'smahboi

@g_man: No, I know. I read every review you wrote, gman ;) I suppose six would be about "average." Not great but not bad. I was hoping for pretty good haha.

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Posted By tparks

@g_man: If you can answer this without spoiling:

Is there any other monsters or Kaiju in this book besides Godzilla? That would probably seal the deal on whether or not to pick this up. I'd like to see at least one monster battle in a Godzilla Graphic Novel.

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@g_man said:

@kal_smahboi: A 3 isn't horrible. Read the words and then make a judgement.

You guys need a new rating system. Bring back the half stars.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@kal_smahboi: A 3 isn't horrible. Read the words and then make a judgement.

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Posted By Kal'smahboi

Really? That's a disappointing rating. I'll probably borrow this.

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Posted By kidchipotle

Great review, G-Man. I picked this story up myself because I've been on a bit of a Godzilla kick after reading "The Half Century War" (great story if you haven't read it yet, I recommend it) so I bought this on impulse. I don't usually enjoy movie prequel comics but I'm hoping I will enjoy this myself.