Comic Vine Review


Ghosted #8


Jackson is captured by The Brotherhood of the Closed Book. Can he escape?

The Good

If you've been reading this series, which you should be, then there's been a lot of questions left open since the start of this story arc. In this issue, everything starts to come together and make a lot of sense. Not everything is answered, but the big one "Why is Nina possessed and what does the Brotherhood of the Closed Book want with her" is answered here.

One of my biggest aggravations with this story line, when it began was the fact Jackson was out looking for another ghost, who was possessing someone. What the reader learns is that is less about a single person being possessed and more about a whole group of girls being possessed. It ties in directly to the Brotherhood and it's a really cool plot point.

The Brotherhood of the Closed Book is probably the best part about this story line. While they're extremely creepy, they have motivation and a point. There not just here to move things along. Writer Joshua Williamson knows how to lace together all these plot points into one fantastic story line.

The dialogue in this issue is another aspect of this book you can easily fall in love with. It doesn't take itself too seriously and the dialogue is witty and a ton of fun. This is a pretty serious story with some dark underlinings, so the occasional quip from Jackson is a great way to keep reader morale up while reading.

The Bad

I'm a bit unsure about the ending here. I feel like this issue and series is falling into old habits, especially in the reveal pages. This reveal feels way too much like a reveal in the last arc. While the rest of this issue is nothing short of dynamite, the reveal feels a bit repetitive. However, a few months from now, I'll probably be eating those words as well.

Obviously, this isn't a great place to jump on for new readers, but there is a trade out, so you can catch up.

The Verdict

GHOSTED continues to be one of my favorite month-to-month series and this issue raises the bar. A TON of information is revealed about The Brotherhood of the Closed Book here, and while we won't spoil any of it, it's a pretty crazy twist that really gives this group a cool purpose. On the down side of things, I'm not too keen on the reveal page and this isn't a great place to jump on for new readers. Aside from all this, GHOSTED is still a must read. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.