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Ghosted #7 Review


Jackson, Trick, a Nuki continue their hunt for Nina, who is imprisoned and possessed.

The Good

Jackson and crew head to Mexico to find the kidnapped and possessed woman, Nina, and find that this task is going to be a bit tougher since she's in with the Brotherhood of the Closed Books. I'm a HUGE sucker for cults, especially ones that wear hoodies and masks, so this little addition to the story is right up my alley. It raises the stakes for what Jackson and crew are up against as well.

One thing I'm really loving that Williamson does is how he incorporates new characters into the story.The reader is introduced to them and given a bit of backstory about them, and as time goes on, we learn more. The kicker is that any character introduced has the chance to get killed at any moment. It gives the feeling that no one is safe. Anyone can die at any moment, much like WALKING DEAD. At no point, aside from the few Brotherhood of the Closed books folk, do you think, as a reader "this guy is gonna die because the reader isn't as familiar with him." Every character seems to be important and at the same time, completely disposable.

Last issue, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Jackson and crew would be hunting after another person who was possessed. However, and that's one BIG however, there's a huge turn here, in this issue, which resulted in me taking my foot out of my mouth. Without any spoilers, it's a real cool twist and changes everything about this story. That's been what I've loved about this series though. There's a few large story twists that are incredibly reminiscent of heist films. While this book doesn't have that same Ocean's 11 feel as the first arc, it's little things like these twists that really bring it back into the heist genre.

The art is still fantastic as well, Davide Gianfelice crafts some fantastic scenes and shows action extremely well. This book has a very specific feel and look, and while Sudzuka (the artists on the first arc) isn't drawing this arc, Gianfelice does well with putting these characters into his style-set, while also not drastically changing how the book looks.

The Bad

No real complaints about this issue. I had my reservations about certain aspects with the last issue, but all that is gone because of the turn.

The Verdict

GHOSTED #7 really kicks this new story up into high gear. The book may feel more like a detective story rather than a heist book, which was the entire first arc, but this story still retains a lot of what people loved about that first story, while raising the bar for the book. Williamson is really crafting a spooky and entertaining world for readers and Gianfelice's art gives this issue a great sense of style and purpose. This is a series, like many Image books, you really need to jump on and read. I can't give this a higher recommendation.

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Posted By JangoCrossfire

That cover. Love the skulls on her legs.

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Posted By longbowhunter

Last issue left a bad taste in my mouth. I flipped through this at the shop and it looked great. Couldn't afford to buy it this week. I'll try to pick it up next Wednesday.