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Ghosted #3


At the Trask mansion, ghosts start making themselves known to Jackson and his team, but they're not too friendly.

The Good

Where are all the ghosts at? Well, this issue answers that question as the team finally deals with some un-dealable specters in the Trask mansion.

Artist Goran Sudzuka does a phenomenal job on this book, in addition with the great color work from Miroslav Mrva. There's one page, in particular, that blew me away. At one point, Jackson sees a mysterious woman, in red, in the mansion and she touches him. The next page is a beyond-brilliant splash page of Jackson surrounded by panels of death and dismay that took place in the mansion. While the page layout it the first thing you notice, Goran's art and line work really stand out here. Jackson is so smooth and crisp. He pops right off the page. Miroslav's color palette on this page is very ghostly. It's the stand-out page from this series so far.

At first, I had a problem with elements like voodoo and magic being brought into the series, but the book is about stealing a ghost, so what the heck is my problem with it? Adding these elements really expands on this world. It works well.

One dynamic that's really enjoyable here is that a couple people in this book find this hunt, or elements of the hunt, a bit ridiculous. Stealing a ghost is pretty silly, so it's nice to see a couple of these characters not completely on board with their quest.

This book is so much more than a book about a group of people trying to steal a ghost though. It's about the history and the mystery behind the Trask mansion. Writer Joshua Williamson has done a fine job with building this complete world with a main story driving it. There's so many different ways he can go with this book. This is really starting to feel like this series could be more than just a story about a bunch of people stealing a ghost. I want to know more, and I don't want to wait.

This is really the first issue where the ghosts interact with the characters in this book. Quickly, they find out there's some nasty spirits in this house and some less-than-nasty spirits as well. These are the scenes the readers have been waiting for and they do not disappoint.

The Bad

Nothing really of note that was bad here. All the problems that the last issue had were missing in issue #3.

The Verdict

GHOSTED is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. It's a fantastic concept that has really been delivering the past few months. Writer Joshua Williamson has a great book here, and with the combine creative talents of Goran and Miroslav, this is a book that everyone should be reading. It's different, in the best way possible. Overall, I highly recommend this book and this series.


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I picked up the first issue and liked it pretty well. Decided I'd trade wait though.

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Another awesome Image book!