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Ghost Rider #3 - Give Up The Ghost


In this Fear Itself "tie-in," Johnny is still trying to stop the new Ghost Rider, who is being brainwashed by a man named Adam, and guess what? Looks like Johnny is starting to miss the old spirit of vengeance.

Ghost Rider and Adam have a new mission, to wipe away sin. Can Johnny Blaze stop the madness?

The Good

I am really liking the new Ghost Rider (Alejandra): A controllable, powerful being whose keeper has sinister plans. We also get to see some more of Adam's power, and we quickly learn, you do not want to mess with him. I'm really digging the team of Alejandra and Adam. They seem like an unstoppable force, and Ghost Riders new plan of "wipe away all sin" is very interesting and has a cool effect on the people around her.

You can tell Rob Williams has fun writing this book. It comes out in his writing, and while some might not like it, I personally love a little humor dropped into my Ghost Rider books, since comics seem to take themselves way too seriously. On the art side of things, there is a two-page splash (well, kind of a splash, read the book to see it) I am in love with featuring Ghost Rider's bike and the power of Ghost Rider.

The Bad

20 pages of Ghost Rider, and technically, about 1 page (more like 1/2 a page) was an actual tie-in. I've said this before, and I'll say it again about Ghost Rider books: Please stop tying in Ghost Rider to major events. It is a waste. This book will do fine on its own as long as the writing and art are strong. Back to the 20 pages now. They cut back 4 pages of the issue? I understand there is the 9/11 Memorial back-up, but why cut four pages out? This book felt so rushed, as it was, and cutting out four pages was just a bummer, since the book was really good and it left me wanting a lot more.

And once again, the tie-in aspect is a total waste of time, and the ending of this issue is a bit bizarre:

Ghost Rider is going to space, and that's how she's going to save everyone?

The Verdict

It's a bit of a bummer because overall, I really like this book, but this one was a bit of a let down. It's still a good issue, and overall, I think will be a great addition to the overall story, but the ending of the issue, along with the 4 page cut and 1 extra page of nonsense tie-in brought it down a few pegs. I can not wait for the annoying little fly that is Fear Itself to end so many of my favorite Marvel books can go back to normal. Once it's over, I think this book will shine, as long as this great creative team stays on it.