Comic Vine Review


Gambit #3 - Jungle Boogie


Gambit and his new girlfriend head to South America to rid him of this weird flesh, eating artifact in his side.

The Good

I liked the way that this series started because it seemed to showcase Gambit in the role of adventure seeking thief with a cool, often brazen sort of attitude. I really enjoyed that about him when his series started. That sort of attitude carries over into the third issue of his ongoing series which is something I definitely enjoyed. This book is well organized and the pacing is really good. The writer is unraveling the story at a decent pace and not too quickly. Although I wish that the writer gave readers more of a background to this story we're seeing unravel, there is a hint of mystery and adventure that is certainly enjoyable. If you're a fan of action and adventure then this book is probably right up your alley. It's definitely not the sort of Gambit story we've seen before, which is somewhat refreshing.

Clay Mann delivers some truly fine pencils to this issue, and you know that when he's involved everyone is bound to look really good. The artist captures the flexibility and fluidity of the character's acrobatics in this issue really well, and it's definitely one of the things I enjoyed.

The Bad

Maybe I am asking for a lot, but I like to think there is more to Gambit than his obsession with the "fairer sex." I get that he's supposed to be this lover; this debonair character that always seems to fall a little bit for the women that drift in and out of his life, but I would like to think that he wouldn't let lust get in the way of getting things done. Gambit's an old man now, he's been through some stuff, and I was hoping this series was going to reflect that. I was also hoping that he would be the focus of the story, but it doesn't really feel that way -- particularly not in this last issue. The banter between him and his new sidekick is okay, it could be better. To be honest, it feels a bit forced. The issue opens up with Gambit in a motel room with this mysterious woman who is less concerned with him seeing her topless than she is with a spider being in the same bathroom with her. Honestly, not the best excuse to get her with her clothes off in the same panel as Remy. The problem with the relationship between these two (at least for me) is the fact that their relationship feels forced. I feel like things have just progressed way too quickly for it to be believable.

Speaking of believable, what started off as a spy-thriller has turned into a Tomb Raider comic with a side of Gambit. In order for me to follow along with a story, I like to have a little bit of context. We don't get any back story on how this mysterious woman knew to go to Guatemala, or what the heck is eating Gambit's flesh. I's clear that she has some knowledge of the artifact, what it is and why it's eating him, but she isn't sharing that information with Gambit. And he's trusting her a little bit too easily. How does he know she isn't setting him up to trap him? He doesn't. Maybe that's just supposed to be part of the adventure, but this kind of storytelling just makes Gambit's character look bad and kind of stupid, which I don't think is a good thing considering he's the name selling the book.

The Verdict

I'm not going to say that this issue isn't fun. If you're into mystical adversaries and mystery, lots of action and a tomb-raiding Gambit with a sexy sidekick, then this might be right up your alley. There are some great quips and one-liners in this issue that really capture the essence of Gambit's character, but I do still wish the story focused more on Gambit and less on his relationship with this mysterious girl.