Comic Vine Review


Foster #3


If you thought things couldn't get scarier for Eddie Foster, you have a surprise coming your way. Buccellato and Tuazon raise the level of suspense for the third issue of their FOSTER series.

The Good

Three issues into Brian Buccellato and Noel Tuazon's FOSTER and the momentum of this book remains consistent. This issue is just as dark and creepy as the last two; and even moreso in some scenes. Eddie Foster continues to struggle with the responsibility of having to protect 6-year old boy who is half human and half primate -- and this issue further ties him to the young child. The boy has a monster within him and when threatened, he unleashes his violent nature. In issue three we see just what the boy is capable of, and it isn't pretty.

After the murder of the boy's murder at the very start of the issue, Foster becomes tied to the boy even further. There's a great scene where Foster is in the car with a woman he thought he could trust. She asks him "To go through life without trusting anyone, what happened to make you like that?" This scene really clues the reader into one of the overarching themes of this series: trust.

This series mixes a variety of elements together for a very interesting (and rather unlikely) combination, which is interesting. FOSTER is a little bit of crime drama and sic-fi all rolled into one, but it's not overbearing. There's definitely an equal balance of both and Buccellato definitely utilizes suspense to reinforce his plot in this issue.

The pacing is really good and the story is well written and features really interesting characters. By the time you reach the final page, you will definitely find yourself looking forward to the next issue.

The Bad

The beginning scene of this issue was pretty graphic, and that in itself isn't necessarily "bad," but rather I wonder how necessary it was. I understand that shock value certainly adds to storytelling in this book, but I am unsure of whether or not it is essential to telling the story. I think there were some things that the creative team could have left out of the book and it would have been fine. I am also not too crazy about the art because it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is happening in some scenes, but the story overall is solid.

The Verdict

This is shaping up to be a really great series. If you're looking for a crime drama/sci fi thriller, this is certainly a book you should consider picking up. Both Foster and the young boy he's looking after are compelling characters in their own right. They are well written, interesting and conflicted characters who must cope with their circumstances as well as their own personal demons.