Comic Vine Review


Forever Evil #5 - Hit and Run


Batman and Catwoman are fighting against villains loyal to the Crime Syndicate. Is there any reason to trust Lex Luthor?

The Good

As the series gets closer to its ending, it's been interesting to look at what makes supervillains bad in the New 52 Universe. We may have caught some glimpses into who they are during the Villains Month issues but it's been interesting to see who sides with the Crime Syndicate and who chose to oppose them. Seeing what they were capable of, it's easy to understand why so many of the villains would simply choose to follow the Syndicate's orders. Not all villains are willing to act as sheep and Geoff Johns gives us some insight into some of them during the big battle in this issue. There are definitely some characters rising to grab the spotlight.

With Batman and Catwoman seemingly the only members of the Justice League trying to fight against the Syndicate, they've found themselves up against a number of supervilains. Luckily, Lex Luthor has gathered his own team of villains who also oppose the Syndicate. The question is whether or not Batman can work with them. Batman is used to always being in control but with the defeat the League has suffered, how long until he admits he might be in a little over his head. Is there more to Lex's plans?

David Finch continues to make each page big and flashy. There's a lot of great opportunities in the fight and seeing how they're drawn is very nice. There's nothing better than seeing an artist able to cut loose and draw some over the top battle scenes.

The Bad

The action is great and it's fun to see how this is playing out but this issue felt a little like an extension from last issue. There might be more actual fighting but that's the majority of what we get. It's not really a complaint to see the fight scenes we see but it's more of a smaller stepping stone in the bigger picture. The Crime Syndicate needs to be stopped. Perhaps we end up one step closer but it almost feels like this moment was drawn out a little and that will mean a faster ending/resolution when the final issue arrives.

The Verdict

If you're looking for some good old fashioned superhero fighting, well, you're actually not going to find a lot of that here. What we have is actually better. Villains fighting villains! Lex Luthor has gathered an odd group of villains opposing the Crime Syndicate and we get some pretty cool fight scenes. With the series fast approaching the end, it almost feels like we might get an abrupt ending but it should be a pretty explosive one.