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Forever Evil #4 - Hide and Seek Review


There is a lot going on here and a lot of great moments you're going to want to check out.

The Good

I've been enjoying FOREVER EVIL but this issue feels like the heat has definitely been cranked up. There are a few different players involved but at no time does it feel too cluttered or like we're getting short-changed with some of the story. The opening pages deals with Batman and Catwoman at the Batcave. This moment alone is a big deal for the two and handled nicely. Geoff Johns had previously shown us parts of the Cave we were unaware existed, along with the fact that Batman has his contingency plans against the other members. Seeing this scene unfold was really cool. And there's still more to come after this part.

Johns also takes time to show us what's going on with Lex and his newly assembled crew (Bizarro, Black Manta, Black Adam and Captain Cold). Even though there's a lot going on with the story, we get some great moments where we get to see some more insight into these characters. Even though they're villains, Johns gives them some humanity. This is something we rarely see as we're not supposed to be able to connect with the bad guys. Let me just say again, we get some great moments with them.

The story doesn't just focus on Batman and Lex's angle against the Syndicate. We also see what Superwoman is up to. To top the issue off, there is a truly fantastic confrontation/battle at the end.

David Finch's art really shines here. There's so many big moments and he handles them with ease. You'll almost be happy we had so few new comics this week because you'll want to take the time and just keep looking over these pages to take it all in.

The Bad

The only complaint is in how short lived a moment with Batman was during a fight. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get to it. It's something fans have longed to see. It does happen but it's brief. Realistically, it is definitely for the best that it plays out this way. Otherwise Batman would be given too much power since we all say he is able to defeat anyone. This is a purely nitpick and selfish bit wanting to see more. Thankfully Johns handled it just right. In other words, there's really nothing to complain about with this issue.

The Verdict

The momentum in FOREVER EVIL is building to an explosive level. Geoff Johns is taking the idea of villains 'winning' to another level. We have different levels to sit back and watch as Batman (obviously) survived against the Crime Syndicate and Lex Luthor is becoming more and more of a star. David Finch captures each explosive moment in the comic with ease. There's a great variety in the story and you will want to take the time to see each scene play out. FOREVER EVIL is simply getting better and better.