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Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #1 - My Revenge


The villain that is (most likely) responsible for Flashpoint gets his own mini-series. Find out, from the villain's perspective what it's like to hate Flash and how much planning he's put into all this.

Reverse Flash is most likely the cause of Barry Allen and the DC Universe's FLASHPOINT problems. Find out what is going through the villain's mind.

The Good

We don't often see books focusing on the bad guys. We know Reverse Flash hates Flash. Seeing/reading his thoughts is great. Scott Kolins has been involved with Flash long enough and it shows in his writing. Seeing how long Eobard has been making his plans was genius. He soon discovers that his plan to destroy Barry won't be as easy as he thought it would be.

The further you get into the story, the more you realize how deadly Reverse Flash can be. Some events we've seen in The Flash make sense and it's almost a creepy feeling. Joel Gomez's art fits in with the nature of Reverse Flash. Having Brian Buccellato color Gomez's art makes it feel like it could easily sit next to Francis Manapul's Flash stories but with a harder edge. Reverse Flash is an evil guy and you immediately pick up on that.

The Bad

I really dug that it was all from the villain's perspective but there's a tiny bit of confusion since this is supposed to be a Flashpoint tie-in. Sure we can assume that it was Reverse Flash that changed something in the past (or several things) in order to change the DC Universe but this issue doesn't show that, at least not yet. So far, this feels like a companion to the recent The Flash series but perhaps in the next issue or the final, we'll see what exactly caused Flashpoint.

The Verdict

You know that Reverse Flash hates Flash but we never got to fully see things from his perspective. Books focusing on the villain are rare and it's always a great change of pace getting a taste of what is happening on the other side of hero/villain battles. Scott Kolins, being familiar with the world of Flash does a great job portraying the hatred and showing us the extent of Eobard Thawne's plan and how long it's been in motion. Joel Gomez art fits nicely with Thawne's dark nature and Brian Buccellato's colors on top gives it a feel reminiscent of Francis Manapul's art in The Flash. We still don't know what the exact cause of Flashpoint and it's unclear if we'll find out in this series or the Flashpoint mini. Either way, seeing what goes on in Reverse Flash's mind is definitely worth seeing.


Apparently this is supposed to be a One-Shot and not a three-issue mini-series as stated on the cover. Solicit info says it's a one-shot and there's no listing of issues 2 & 3. Guess that means we will not be discovering the exact cause of FLASHPOINT in this series.