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Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3 - Kid Flash Lost, Part Three


The definition of true heroism is total self sacrifice -- it is in this issue, more than any other, than Bart Allen embraces the definition of what it means to be a true hero.

Sterling Gates delivers a perfect final issue to the Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost mini series -- not only is the ending fantastic, it was entirely unexpected. Spoilers below.

The Good

Wow. What a powerful issue full of raw emotion. If you never took Kid Flash, Bart Allen seriously as a real hero before, this issue will most definitely change your mind. Of all of the Flashpoint off shoot mini series, Kid Flash has been one of my favorites. Not only has this series been disconnected with the drama and politics of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but it deals with the essence of why everything is different in the first place. It is here that Gates presents Bart Allen as a true hero -- completely sacrificing himself so that others can live. The big question remains, however, will it last following Flashpoint?

The one thing Bart wanted more than anything was to live up to Barry Allen, and he does it here -- but not before he realizes and comes to terms with the fact that he must give himself up for the greater good. When a character sacrifices themselves in a book, if written well (which it certainly is here) and if done in a way that does justice to the character, it's fantastic. However, the true test will be seen in the final issue of Flashpoint #5 when we discover whether or not Bart's death was in vain.

The Bad

The beginning of the issue was slightly confusing, but makes sense after the first few pages. Nothing really bad here, the art is solid and the writing is beautiful.

The Verdict

If you love Bart Allen and if he is your favorite Flash family character, then be sure to grab a box of tissues when you dive into the final issue of Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost. Gates certainly does do the character justice here, and the issue defines what it means to be a true hero. I really recommend this Flashpoint mini series, and I am interested to see if any of the events that took place here carry over into the "New 52." Also, it was nice to see Wally, at the very least, mentioned in this issue after being missing from comics for so long.


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Agreed. One of my favorite tie-ins of the bunch.

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great issue. I was super happy with the Crisis Nod.
this is what i wanted for all of the normal-timline (non -Flashpoint) characters before the "reboot". A hard and definitive ending or change to the character. Some sort of confirmation that while we will never see this version of the character again, this will be his life. Conner and Superboy both only KINDA got that, but Bart got a real and proper ending.

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Wait wait wait! They killed him again?!