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Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1 - Green Arrow Industries


If you read this comic and thought you read something put out by Marvel, I do not blame you.

Flashpoint branches off and gives us a look at what an alternate-university Tony Sta-I mean, Oliver Queen would do if he was a little less altruistic.

The Good

Not much, to be honest. This book wasn't exactly a total waste of my time, but I wouldn't recommend the $2.99 it takes to buy it. We'll say it's worth the paper it's printed on and it would be interesting if a similar character hadn't been created in 1963.

The Bad

Hoo boy. Where do I start?

Reading Flashpoint has really been a chore for me, as I'm not a fan of alternate universes where the characters are jacked up to be "extreme" versions of their "canon" counterparts. Green Arrow Industries doesn't avoid this, either: this universe's Oliver Queen insists on using Rogues' weapons as templates for government araments, prompting the obvious Tony Stark comparison.

The lengths to which the writers try to turn Ollie into Tony is just dumbfounding: Green Arrow his own character for a reason. The fact that this Green Arrow can't even arch just serves to drive the point home.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what audience this is trying to hit: Green Arrow fans won't find anything present here that is endearing to the original character, curious parties won't get an authentic enough experience to keep them buying when they go back to the "regular" Oliver Queen, and collectors of the Flashpoint tie-ins will be disappointed to find it only mentions the Amazon/Atlantis war briefly. If we were playing my "Crossover Bingo" for Flashpoint, this would be the "Tie-In That Has Nothing To Do With The Main Series" square.

I'd like to be clear: I don't hate when writers go out on a limb and try to change characters during crossovers and give us valuable insight into the ways they can be interpreted: I hate it when the changes are uninspired and do little to break new ground.

Also, say you hire your own band of mercenaries: why would you have them dress up like Green Arrow? If I was a hired gun, I'd feel a little degraded.

The Verdict

I give this book a big ol' "skip" recommendation, and will continue to do so unless the next issues serve to bring some badly-needed development.