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Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3 - Cold Hearted, Chapter 3


Citizen Cold takes on the Rogues in this final showdown! Will he win against them, and will he win the love of Iris West?

Citizen Cold takes on the Rogues in this final showdown! Will he win against them, and will he win the love of Iris West?

The Good

Another comic about revenge? Is it my birthday? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love when Scott Kolins takes on the Rogues, whether it’s with his art or his writing. Now, since it’s the Flashpoint universe, there are a few cool differences like Cold is a hero, and Mirror Master is stuck in the Mirrorverse.

This issue is all about action, revenge, murder, and a little bit of love. Citizen Cold finally gets to take on all of the Rogues in this issue, and it’s 100% fun. I love how Kolins draws and writes the rogues. They are much like their Earth-1 counterparts, so there’s a great familiar feel to the book.

By far, my favorite thing about this book is that it doesn’t really tie-in to the Flashpoint main mini-series. It’s just a look into what Flash’s old enemies are up to in another universe.

The Bad

I know there’s a connection between Cold and Iris, more so on Cold’s side if anything, but Iris seems a bit too trusting of people in costumes. She seems a tad weary, but still has no problem letting Cold and Piper into her life. She also comes off a tad clueless. There’s a “duh” moment in this issue where Iris should easily make the connection that Cold is Leonard Snart, but she just doesn’t see it.

The pacing is insane in this book. The book feels like it’s over in 5 minutes. I completely understand this story had to be told in 3 issues, but this issue feels like you’re rushing to the finish line. This would have worked perfectly as a 6 issue or 8 issue mini-series.

The Verdict

This was my favorite, overall, of all the tie ins for Flashpoint. This book had so many great things happening for it, but for me, what made it amazing was that the artist/writer has a genuine love for these characters and it shows in the book. Sure, he kills many of them off, but it doesn’t feel malicious. It’s the point of the story. I’d love to see more of the history of this character and the Flashpoint Rogues in a mini-series down the line, but in the form of a prequel, obviously. There’s a lot more story that could be told here and I couldn’t imagine anyone but Scott Kolins doing it. I highly recommend this issue.