Comic Vine Review


Five Weapons #7 - Back To Class Part Two


Tyler has Enrique in his sights and plans to systematically take him down. Plus, what is the "New War"?

The Good

FIVE WEAPONS has followed a simple formula and done it very well. Enrique faces a challenge and then Enrique uses his mind to overcome said challenge. While this is still the main element of the new volume and each cliffhanger offers a whole new obstacle, writer/artist/letter Jimmie Robinson is now also expanding the world of FIVE WEAPONS.

The first volume revolved around the school (and, in turn, its students/teachers), Enrique and Tyler's family. While those are still critical ingredients in this new storyline, the mind behind the series is also making the world itself into a much more unique and highly amusing place. Robinson does some massive worldbuilding in this chapter, revealing more about the history of this country run by assassins and the current conflict that's facing the nation -- one which we've been oblivious to this entire time. Without spoiling anything, let's just say there's a gamechanging reveal. This shocker also brings about a discovery regarding one of the students we've come to know pretty well by now. It's something I completely missed, but seeing as Enrique, a brilliantly observant character, didn't notice it, I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Just throwing it out there, but I wouldn't be surprised if this new development connects to Tyler, too...

Robinson and colorist Paul Little's artwork remains as crisp, lively and lighthearted as ever. I really appreciate the amount of creativity they apply to some of the scenes to further boost the story's animated nature. They're able to capture the book's atmosphere with such skill and it's a perfect compliment to the sincerely fun nature of the title. Whether it's a panel exploding with color or cleverly using perspective to sell the scene, the pages are refreshing and a real joy to observe.

The Bad

Is it just me or was that challenge going to end in a particularly fatal manner? I mean, I know we're talking about a school where these kids learn how to kill, but the tone of the book has appealed to all-ages and managed dodge death. So, if Enrique didn't interfere, I'm left wondering how that would have concluded. I guess I was under the impression these things would be determined right when one person was the clean winner (e.g. when she was down and most obviously defeated).

I understand the assassins control the media, but I was viewing the "past images" in the panel as things that actually took place and were the Nurse's memories of them. If the existence of this certain thing (trying to be spoiler-free here, people) was discussed in television and even important enough to warrant breaking news coverage, how has it been effectively reduced to a myth in less than one lifetime?

The Verdict

Seven issues in and this book continues to charm. The characters are legitimately fun and Robinson always manages to keep us searching for clues and leaves us guessing how Enrique will get out of his latest dilemma. To top it all off, the book has wonderful visuals and Robinson has begun to add some ginormous developments to the plot. Despite being a book about assassins, FIVE WEAPONS is full of happiness and wit.