Comic Vine Review


Five Weapons #2 - Rick the Stick


Tyler attempts to save the school from Rick the Stick's bullying.

The Good

Jimmie Robinson lured me into this refreshing world in issue one and I'm pleased to report that issue two is every bit as amazingly fun and lighthearted. It's a small yet exhilarating world filled with a unique and lovable cast -- you can't help but adore even the bully's ridiculous personality. Robinson continues to develop the main players while offering bits of hysterical dialogue from everyone else -- I particularly love the teachers. While I have mixed opinions on how he resolved his fight with Jade, it was still a romp and has a nice payoff. I'm especially curious to see why his dad has such a firm stance on class identification. I have a feeling there's definitely more of that aspect on the way and I'm looking forward to it because the flashbacks never really slow the pace of the current narrative.

Robinson brings the world to life with a delightful style. Animated and vibrant, it feels like the perfect look to match the book's lively tone. My only gripe with it was the lack of motion and impact when Rick the Stick went to town on Tyler. If it wasn't for the sound effects I honestly wouldn't be sure if those hits were connecting until it was over (aside from the kick, of course).

The Bad

The knife club challenge resolution was a little silly for my taste, but on the other hand (I can't imagine someone getting tickled much in a knife fight, but I'm no expert), it does fit the vibe of the book well. Unfortunately, we skip a week and Tyler humiliating each club is told through the teachers instead of unfolding in front of our eyes. It's certainly humorous, but I would have preferred to see each play out. That said, it's an understandable decision seeing as this is a limited-series.

Tyler has proven to be an incredibly smart dude so far, so it was surprising to see him almost blow his cover in a casual conversation. I feel like he'd be a little too wise for a slip-up like that.

The Verdict

Tyler vs. Rick is goind down in the next issue and, if you've been reading along, that should be more than enough incentive to check #3 out when it hits the stands. Simply put: FIVE WEAPONS is just a wonderful book that puts me in a great mood. It's a pleasant universe that I'm happy to dive into every month and I highly recommend it.