Comic Vine Review


FF #13 - The Bridge


Franklin Richards takes center stage in the latest issue of FF.

The Good

If you haven't been following the FF books it might be hard to keep up with this issue, but if you have been reading and keeping up with everything going on in FF and the Fantastic Four then you will definitely enjoy the latest FF comic book. If this issue is about anything, it's definitely about Franklin and Valeria Richards who have taken it upon themselves to set everything that was wrong, right. The result is some really fun dialogue and very exciting moments where the two kids are both pressed for time.

The scenes with Franklin Richards are my favorite moments in this issue. The scene where Franklin is being attacked by flowers is absolutely precious; he really stands out in this issue whereas he often seems overshadowed by Valeria.

The scene where Valeria also shows compassion and concern for Doom is very interesting. There is something about their interaction in this issue that made me wonder about whether or not Valeria would ever turn on the Fantastic Four and side with Doom, and that's not the first time that thought has crossed my mind when it comes to her character. The pacing in this issue is great and is consistent with its previous issues. Juan Bobillo returns as the penciller bringing a fun style to the issue that compliments the story well.

The Bad

If you missed an issue you may have a hard time following as the story does get a little bit confusing. It was a bit difficult to follow along. While I do like the art, I found it a bit difficult to distinguish between the different children.

The Verdict

Overall a great issue from the Hickman/Bobillo team. The story, (while it does seem a bit complicated at times) is a lot of fun. Great pacing and story in this issue, and the art matched the plot very well. It was great to see Franklin Richards stand out a little bit for once and not seem to be overshadowed by the intellect of his younger sister. While I don't recommend this as a starting point for new readers, I do recommend the FF series overall.