Comic Vine Review


FF #5 - ...The Sound of War


You will laugh out loud. Promise.

Something is not right, and Sue knows it.

The Good

When the Spiral stops singing, Reed Richards knows there is something very serious about to go down - and boy, he's not kidding. When Sue notices her husband teaming up with Mole Man in an attack against Old Atlantis (remember, Sue is playing the role of diplomatic mediator), She knows that something is up.

I'm not sure if writer Jonathan Hickman intended for this issue to be humorous, but I admit I caught myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. You would too with lines like; "You're not my Reed," and "Now we'll break the dome...Just like we've broken you." I can't help but chuckle at how fun the dialogue is in this issue.

There's a good example in this issue of Susan Storm wearing the pants in the family, and it's really well executed. She and Reed have an interesting dynamic and understanding that plays out eloquently in this issue. I loved it. Everything from the dialogue, the appropriate moments of silence and the art that accompanies the scene is perfect. Hickman, Barry Kitson and Paul Mounts make a fantastic team.

The Bad

It's tough to pinpoint anything "bad" about this issue, because overall it was very entertaining. It may be a difficult jumping on point for new readers particularly with the revelations towards the end of the issue.

The Verdict

Hickman evenly distributes the focus on the different ongoing character driven stories in FF. It's clear that he's distinctly mapped out the bigger story to incorporate each individual character's story and build from there; making FF one of Marvel's more character driven books. Everything feels cohesive; things feel like they happen for a reason making this series all the more interesting to read. Well executed, solid issue that is beautifully illustrated and a lot of fun to read. This story is definitely heating up!