Comic Vine Review


FF #5 - Spooky Kids or, Merrily Into the Eight Arms of Durga the Invincible We All Go


"I am Scott. Son of Bob. Man of Ants. Welcome to the Baxter Building."

The Good

FF #5 is exactly the kind of comic you will want to buy and read when you're having a bad day, and I say that because there is absolutely no way anyone can read this issue without smiling -- at least once. First, we have Mike and Laura Allred on the art for this comic, and that in itself is fantastic. The pair make an incredibly team (as usual) and it's very clear that Allred puts a lot of patience, time and effort into his pencils. The result is a brilliantly executed issue with fantastic (and very creative) panel layouts. There is not one page or one moment that reading this I felt the art to be lackluster: in fact, it is pretty obvious that the Allred team doesn't ever cut corners. The issue's art is sunning from the first page and first panel right up until the very last.

Now, on to the story. There is not one moment that, while reading this issue, I found myself disappointed. The story is just absolutely brilliant. The story picks up where we last left these characters and it doesn't take long to realize that the older John Storm is not all there in the head: meaning he basically has a few screws loose. First, the dynamic between these four characters and their interactions with the kids of the Future Foundation is fantastic. I love the way that they get along and interact with one another, it's written in a very entertaining way.

The Bad

There is nothing bad about this issue, it's a fun ride the whole way through.

The Verdict

This is an incredibly entertaining issue. Not only does Fraction present us with a fun story, but he gives us a peek at interesting characters and a book chock full breathtaking art. The dynamic is fantastic and the story we see here will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Unlike the story we see in FANTASTIC FOUR (also out this week), this issue meshes better with the continuity we've been seeing thus far. Overall, another great issue that is witty, cleverly written and organized in a way that will leave you wanting more.